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Omicron Chronicle! Big Tech Companies Not Attending CES 2022

Key Highlights

  • Microsoft not attending CES 2022 in-person.
  • 42 exhibitors have cancelled among which are big names like Google, Intel, Meta (formerly known as Facebook), & Amazon.
  • More than 2,200 companies are still scheduled to attend the conference in person

Recently, Microsoft confirmed that it will not be present in person for CES 2022 event. However, it is not the first big tech company to withdraw from the event. It was confirmed that big tech companies like Google, Intel, Meta, Amazon, and several others have withdrawn from attending CES 2022 conference in person. The surging COVID-19 cases and the new variant Omicron on the rise has been the reason behind the decision.

What is the CES tech conference?

CES Conference—formerly known as Consumer Electronics Show, has been a stage for the representation of breakthrough technology since a half-century ago. The most renowned tech innovations like CD, DVD, Sony Camcorder, and Microsoft Xbox have all debuted at CES. Apart from this, the event also marks remarkable inventions like a robot butler or a pillow that tells if you are snoring.

Certainly, many such innovations are to be represented at the CES 2022 event which can be enjoyed virtually or in-person by the attendees. The rapid surge of COVID-19 has been the key reason for several big players to cancel or postpone the January roadmap.

Is CES 2022 Cancelled?

In 2021, the CES event was held online. Despite several big players withdrawing from the event, CES 2022 is still scheduled to go on floors as planned. Also, it has been reported that more than, 2,200 companies are going to be present in person for the event.

Our focus remains on convening the tech industry and giving those who cannot attend in person the ability to experience the magic of CES digitally,” a representative for the Consumer Technology Association. The conference will adhere to comprehensive health measures where COVID tests, Vaccination, mask, and social distancing will be mandatory.

CES 2022 will take place both in-person in Las Vegas and virtually from January 5th to 8th 2022.

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