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Bad weather delays SpaceX satellite launch

Key Highlights:

  • SpaceX satellite launch delays by 2 days due to bad weather.
  • The launch will be attempted again on Saturday at 6:11 pm EST.
  • The webcast will be available on the SpaceX site a few minutes before the launch.

SpaceX has delayed the launch of the Italian satellite due to bad weather conditions. The satellite was planned to launch on 27th Jan but the bad weather did not permit the launch. Falcon 9 rocket was scheduled to launch the CSG-2 satellite but thick clouds and strong winds of Florida further pushed the plans by a 24-hour delay.

Weather Heckles SpaceX launch

SpaceX aimed to execute 52 launches in 2022 but the start of the year has been rough. The weather has further pushed the engineers to delay the launch. There was no attempt made on 28th Jan either.

The team is currently looking forward to launching on 29th Jan but the winds at liftoff and upper-level wind shear are still the cause of concern. However, there are forecasts for 80% better weather conditions.

Jessie Anderson, the production manager of SpaceX commented on the launch attempt and bad weather saying, “Unfortunately we are standing down from today’s attempt.

The delays were also acknowledged through a tweet, they confirmed that the delay has further packed them in a tight schedule, “back-to-back targeted Falcon 9 launches in Florida this weekend” said the tweet.

Currently, the schedule for the CSG-2 satellite is on Saturday at 6:11 EST.

Where can you watch it?

SpaceX will be broadcasting the launch live from its site on Saturday. The webcast will start minutes before the lift-off.

It is being speculated that a few more changes in the launch schedule will affect the goal of SpaceX to execute 52 launches this year. If it manages to attain the goal, it will mark history for the most launches SpaceX has ever conducted in a year.

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