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Aerobyte Cyber: Instituting Ultimate Cyber Protection with Cyber Defense Network

Aerobyte Cyber

Rampant technological advent has catalyzed several cyberattacks. To troubleshoot the issue thoroughly, a methodological approach can be introduced. Regular reviewing of work operations and technical functions can also help identify possible areas of a breach and remodify them to prevent future attacks. The most important step is analyzing underlying weaknesses within the software and improving them as they are usually an easy target for attackers. 

Leveraging its vision and understanding of the evolving technological landscape, Aerobyte Cyber Defense Inc. focuses on identifying critical weaknesses within IT infrastructures. It reviews remote workforces, on-premise systems, and cloud environments to pursue ultimate protection, regardless of the network or company structure. 

Profound Establishment

Aerobyte was established in 2020 by Howard Hellman (Founder) and William Tabor (Co-Founder and Chief Architect). The duo envisioned devising a way to create a safe internet for the children and prevent people from register to the system by deceiving their actual age. 

Since its establishment, the company has committed itself to help enterprise organizations solve critical problems by addressing security and compliance concerns at the core of their circumstances- data protection. As a result, Aerobyte successfully exceeds its customer service levels and expectations. Its mission is to go above and beyond the call of duty to assist its clients and alleviate their critical IT security pain points.

Comprehensive Array of Solutions

Aerobyte provides a comprehensive array of sophisticated software and hardware products that protect networks to their farthest endpoints. Its complete solutions draw the major weakness exploited by insiders and hackers for various reasons. 

Zero Trust 

  • Turns any device—known or unknown—into a trusted device;
  • Generates unique login credentials and identities for users;
  • Ensures only verified users and devices are authorized to connect to approved resources while eliminating the ability to connect to applications, files, or services they have no permission to access.

Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP)

  • Enables IT organizations to deploy security through software by protecting organizations from the inside out;
  • Protects data and applications from exposure, even if an organization is compromised;
  • Delivers the power of a total enterprise lockdown within a small footprint protecting any device from an embedded processor, IoT, mobile, workstation, VM on-prem, or in the cloud, including a mainframe;
  • Creates an invisible attack surface by hiding any device from being exposed to any user or device that is not authorized to connect. 

Cyber Defense Framework

  • Provides the security and peace of mind needed while being strategically simple and cost-effective, especially for those on enterprise-scale legacy systems;
  • Designed specifically to ensure the protection of legacy systems;
  • Cost-effective way to dramatically increase any organizations’ security;
  • Provides supply chain security.

IoT Security

  • Can convert any mobile or IoT device into a trusted device and protect and monitor its use;
  • Available in Software as a Service (SaaS)- Cloud-Based Model and On-Premise -Perpetual

Led by Proficient Leaders

At the core, Howard and William spearhead the team and manage the company operations. Howard is a subject matter expert in Zero Trust Architecture, Cybersecurity, and others. He has been working in the bleeding edge of the technology industry at the highest levels as a sales professional. He is also an accomplished architect and delivers a solution that exceeds client expectations and superior customer service. Howard has ensembled one of the best executive teams to steer the company’s growth for meeting and surpassing the hurdles. 

On the other hand, William has led the development of several security areas of information technology over the past 30 years. He has contributed to the coding that formed the foundation of the internet, championed the development and dissemination of open-source operating systems, and created database software so effectively that its elements remain inside virtually every computer functioning today.  

Redefining Conventional Approaches

Howard remarks on the world’s approach towards cybersecurity. To achieve cybersecurity for today’s environment, one needs to remove the network from the cyber security equations and redesign its approach to security as a whole. 

Aerobyte’s solutions create a virtual network that expands and contract when needed that does not exist until one needs to connect a user to a computer resource, and protects users, information at rest, in motion, endpoints, from a hacker’s mind. 

Modernized Infrastructure Platform

Currently, Zero Trust Architecture has become mainstream and organizations are abundantly investing in the concept. It has also become a common reference point for initiating conversations for discussions on how to truly secure optimize and modernize enterprise systems and reduce risk as close to the human element as possible with a two-click rapid remediation response. Howard envisions participating in events and speaking engagements while educating the market on Aerobyte’s secure modernized infrastructure platform.  

Pinned Quote:

“Our mission is to go above and beyond the call of duty to assist our clients and alleviate their critical IT security pain points.”