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Applied UV is collaborating with Canon

Pathogen elimination technology company, Applied UV, Inc is collaborating with Canon Virginia. Canon Virginia is global manufacturing, engineering and technical operation for the Canon family and a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A, Inc.

“In anticipation of the expanded use globally of our Airocide and Scientific Air fixed and mobile air purification solutions, this strategic relationship is one which I value more than most,” said Max Munn, President & Director of Applied UV. “Over the past three years, supply chain and logistics disruptions have impacted operations for companies globally, so consolidating and bringing our manufacturing processes on shore with one company was a top priority.”

“Financially speaking, CVI’s breadth of in-house capabilities and supply-chain efficiencies should translate into untold short and longer-term production, logistical cost savings and accelerated development of our next generation products,” said Max Munn, President, Founder and a Director of Applied UV. “By reducing manufacturing execution risk, we will be able to focus solely on sales and marketing.”

Shingo Shigeta, President and Chief Executive Officer of CVI said, “We look forward to working together with the Applied UV team to improve the quality of indoor air globally by offering our manufacturing, R&D and process expertise to the current and next generation Applied UV family of best-in-class air and surface disinfection portfolio.”

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Canon Virginia, Inc

Canon says, “We’re Virginia, Inc. For 30 years we have excelled as the Americas’ manufacturing center for Canon products. Today, that excellence is available to customers outside the Canon family. Which means that now, with Canon Virginia as a custom manufacturing partner, you have full access to the established manufacturing resources of one of the world’s most successful brands.”

Applied UV, Inc

Applied UV says, “We are focused on the development and acquisition of technology that addresses infection prevention in the healthcare, hospitality, commercial, and residential industries.

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