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Apple brings update for it’s stock’s app

Apple’s stock’s app is getting some updates and some new changes for it’s users.

The changes in the stock’s app

According to Phone Arena, “Apple is making some changes to the Stocks app in iOS 16.2 based on new features found in the latest iOS 16.2 beta. One big change will give you more control over the order of the stocks that you are tracking on the app. This will allow you to sort the shares you are following by selecting one of the following options:

  • Manual
  • Price change
  • Percent change
  • Market capitalization
  • Symbol
  • Name

Currently, you can manually select the order in which the stocks appear and edit the watchlist order to your liking. But with the update, you can have the shares you track listed with the highest Market Cap (shares outstanding multiplied by the current stock price) down to the lowest. Or you can arrange the list to show the trading day’s biggest mover among the stocks you follow shown on top followed by the next biggest mover and so on. The same applies to other metrics like percentage change.”

Different aspects of the new feature Apple

According to Zee News

“What’s new come up with the update?

The built-in Stocks app gives you more control to sort your different watchlists. In brief, you will have specific sort modes for each one of your watchlists, meaning choose to sort each of your watch lists by the following options: Manual, Price change, percentage change, market cap, symbol, name, etc.

How does the new feature helpful?

The new feature helps the keen observer of the stock market to look for the stock trading from the point you want to analyze. Moreover, you can sort the watchlist on your preference instead of having one option that applies to all of your different lists.”

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