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Android 13 has Easter egg with colorful emojis

Android’s 13 developer beta’s this year’s version has a very funny feature: Android Easter egg. This year the hidden feature is the colorful splash screen from Android 12, this time filling it with emoji. Like, a lot of emoji. According to 9 to 5 Google, “Android 13 Beta 3.3 today makes it so that we have the full “13” and the easter egg is now activated by pointing the hour and minute hands to 1 o’clock, or 13:00 in military time. The Dynamic Color bubbles are unchanged, but the real fun starts when you hold down on them.

The circles change into emoji, and you can keep long-pressing to cycle through fourteen thematic character sets. This easter egg selects a few emoji from a set for each refresh.”

How to find the Android 13 Easter egg

Android Authoritiey’s Ankit Banerjee has talked about the process to find out the Android 13 Easter egg. He said, “Go to the Settings menu from either the app drawer or tap on the gear icon in your notification shade. Scroll to the bottom of the list and find About phone.

Find the Android version number (the location could be different depending on which phone you have) and tap on the number repeatedly until the Easter egg starts.”

The difference with the last year’s Easter egg

The Verge pointed out the difference between the current one and the previous one. They said, “Here’s where it differs from last year: long press one of the spots, and they’ll all turn into emoji. You can keep long pressing to cycle through screens with different emoji themes like sea creatures, cats, and moon phases.”

But Google is not the only one in the market who is playing around with emoji wallpaper. At World Wide Developers’ Conference 2022, announced that one of the iOS 16 lock screens will have selectable emojis.

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