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General Motors and UVeye are bringing AI powered vehicle inspection technology

General Motors and UVeye are bringing AI powered vehicle inspection technology. The days are gone when we used to just imagine AI (artificial intelligence) being a part of the cars in the future. The future is here. Nowadays technology has gone so far that some companies’ cars are attributed with AI which take part in the basic driving mechanism of the car. But science and technology doesn’t stop here. Nowadays the AI has been made capable of identifying the damages in a car and figure out the repairing steps required for it. General Motors has collaborated with an Israeli startup UVeye who is making a technology for GM to speed up the vehicle inspection process.

AI powered vehicle

From GM Ventures, the automaker’s venture fund, money was invested in UVeye.

As a part of the deal between GM and UVeye, GM will sell UVeye’s technology to its dealer network to upgrade AI powered vehicle inspection systems. GM will work with UVeye on various vehicle inspection technology projects involving used car auctions, fleet operations, and automotive dealership sales.

How does UVeye’s technology work?

UVeye’s system uses technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-definition cameras. Using those facilities it ensures accurately check tires and the vehicle’s underbody and exterior for defects, missing parts, and other safety-related issues as soon as as possible.

How does UVeye’s technology look like?

The company has provided some images of the whole AI powered vehicle system. Those images have been collected and described by The Verge. They said, “Based on images and videos provided by the company, UVeye’s technology looks like an airport body scanner for your car. The car drives through the scanner with illuminated lights on the inside and, within minutes, service providers have a detailed report about everything that’s wrong with your car down to the tire pressure.”

GM will make UVeye’s technology available in 4000 dealerships across the country. UVeye is working with other companies too in US. According to The Verge’s report, “Earlier this year, the Israeli company made a deal with a major automotive retail management system used by over 15,000 dealers in the US.”

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