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Unifor, A Canadian Labor Union Comes to a Deal with Stellantis After Brief Labor Strike


Unifor, a Canadian union, and Stellantis have reached a tentative agreement to end a brief strike that began after a deal.”

Unifor, a Canadian union, and Stellantis have reached a tentative agreement to end a brief strike that began after a deal. The work stoppage involved over 8,200 auto workers at several facilities in Ontario, including two large assembly plants that produce the Chrysler 300 sedan and Pacifica minivan, as well as the Dodge Challenger and Charger muscle cars. The strike lasted only a short period of time and the agreement was reached in the early hours of Monday morning.

Stellantis Gains End of Labor Strike in Canada and USA

Two days after reaching a tentative deal for about 43,000 U.S. auto workers with the United Auto Workers union following six weeks of targeted strikes that began on September 15, Stellantis has now reached another tentative deal with its Canadian auto workers. The deal is subject to consent by the union members.

The details of the tentative agreement between Unifor and Stellantis are not yet available. However, the deal was based on a ratified agreement between the union and Ford Motor. This agreement consisted of various benefits such as hourly wage increases of up to 25%, reactivation of a cost-of-living allowance to combat inflation, and a shorter progression for workers to reach top pay, among others.

Mark Stewart, COO, Stellantis North America, said, “I am very proud of the negotiating teams and thankful for their commitment and focused effort in reaching a tentative agreement with Unifor.”

Labor Strike in Canada Continued for Three Weeks

The Canadian work stoppage and tentative deal occurred almost three weeks after Unifor initiated a roughly 12-hour nationwide strike against General Motors when the parties failed to reach a tentative agreement by a deadline set by the union.

Unifor, a Canadian labor union that represents 18,000 workers employed by Detroit automakers, has taken a more conventional approach to its negotiations compared to its American counterpart. The union is holding separate negotiations with each automaker and using the agreement it reached with Ford last month as a template for its negotiations with GM and Stellantis.

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