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Powering A Greener Future with Innovation, Manufacturing & Engineering Expertise

Founding Year: 2006

Office Locations: 8 – 17942 55 Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada, V3S 6C8


In this modern era of accelerating change, growing energy demands from the rising world population, and the climate change arising out of it, bringing a sustainable energy future within reach is crucial. One of the steps that could be taken to contribute toward an environmentally beneficial energy transformation is the use of fuel cells. And the work that CIMtech Mfg. is doing could be a vital piece of the transformation efforts.

Countries around the world are setting net-zero targets and accelerating the move towards clean energy alternatives in vehicles and equipment. We are proud to be supporting these targets and this expansion and investment in new, advanced equipment will allow us to continue being a key global supply chain player in this space,” says Paul Ghotra, CEO of CIMtech.

CIMtech Green Advanced Manufacturing Facility Based on Digital Manufacturing (Industry 4.0)

CIMtech has been nominated as the top 10 manufacturing company in Canada. The services it offers range from proof-of-concept prototypes to large-scale manufacturing for the fuel cell industry. With its engineering expertise, CIMtech has shortened new product introductions and saved millions of dollars in manufacturing costs. 

CIMtech’s full turnkey solutions are paving the way for the development and manufacturing of fuel cell and electric vehicle components and assemblies, which are utilized by global players such as Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot for their hydrogen-powered forklift equipment & hydrogen fuel-cell-powered electric vehicles such as HYVIA delivery vans in Europe (Renault Group), FedEx airport tuggers at Albany International Airport in New York, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

In conversation with Paul Ghotra, Founder and CEO of CIMtech Mfg.

What is the secret recipe for CIMtech growth?

Green Energy Company (CIMtech) is a Canada-based Hydrogen fuel cell components & assemblies manufacturer. We have recently doubled our footprint in Vancouver, Canada through an acquisition of a 10,000 sq. ft advanced manufacturing facility. This expansion will increase CIMtech Green Energy, operational capabilities by 200% to allow for increased service levels to our global customers.

How would you define a “Smart Company” in this modern business world? And how do you incorporate that within CIMtech?

CIMtech processes are managed by our digital manufacturing technologies, embracing INDUSTRY 4.0 smart manufacturing initiatives. With many years of expertise in fuel cell-related parts & assemblies, we have an edge over our competitors to provide full TURN KEY SOLUTIONS from proof of concept to large-scale manufacturing under one roof. 

Continuously upgrading our manufacturing services with technology, ongoing employee training and a focus on providing an exceptional client experience are all examples of innovation that we direct our attention to at CIMtech. 

The following are the services that CIMtech is focusing on for an exceptional client experience:

  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing): DFM has saved our customers millions of dollars to lower the cost of manufacturing
  • Zero Inventory Program: This ensures that our customers never run out of parts and always have a 100% delivery on time.
  • Zero-Carbon Initiatives: We aim at developing products with respect for the planet.
How successful was your first project? How have your priorities been since then?

Our first fuel cell project was developing a unit from conceptual engineering design to a complete working product for a large Fuel Cell customer in the US. With CIMtech’s expertise in Manufacturing Engineering & DFM program, we were able to lower the cost of the product by 30%.  

CIMtech Mfg. is committed to meeting or exceeding customers’ requirements with a focus on customer satisfaction through continual improvement of processes. We use professionally calibrated manufacturing equipment with industry certifications to become a value-added supplier.

What challenges did you face in your initial years? What was the number one motivating factor that kept you moving forward?

One of the major obstacles in the way of creating a breakthrough in fuel cell technology was its relatively high costs compared to well-established fossil-based technologies. The reasons for these high costs predominantly lie in the use of non-standardized components, complex systems, and non-automated production of fuel cells.

To become one of North America’s top Green Energy suppliers of Hydrogen fuel cell assemblies and parts, CIMtech has invested heavily in new equipment and processes to manufacture fuel cell parts cost-effectively. What motivates us to keep going is the transformation that fuel cell technology can promise in the quality of life on a global scale. It has the potential to empower individuals with the ability to generate clean electricity at home instead of buying it from commercial power plants.

How have you established a smart work culture within your organization?

Our work culture at CIMtech Mfg. is based on the following principles.

Economic Thinking: Making decisions based on economic thinking helps us to collaborate from a shared objective viewpoint and compare alternatives in terms of their costs and benefits instead of using opinion and authority.

Distributed Decision-Making: It is the opposite of hierarchical decision-making. Distributed Decision Making requires three elements:

  • Smart and confident employees who can learn the principles and apply them
  • A shared understanding of direct, indirect, and opportunity costs
  • Sharing information about current company revenue and expenditures to make contextually good decisions

Act Like You Own the Company: All decisions must be rational and should be based on the best information available. 

Leadership Without Management: CIMtech avoids hiring managers. We prefer leaders who share information and are rewarded by their team for being autonomous. In CIMtech, everyone learns from their shared mistakes and grows in scope and expertise.

Commitment: Committing is not about trust. It is a promise of delivery. We trust each other to be honest and to do the best of our ability within the time and resources. 

How do you stay relevant to the consumer interests and needs in this highly volatile market?

Developing new technologies to reduce carbon footprint is vital for the planet and the survival of the human race in the long run. CIMtech is playing a key role in the development of green energy technologies to make planet earth a safer place to live. 

As consumers become more aware of the effects of global warming by fossil fuels, green energy products will be in high demand.

How does your company contribute to the competitive global platform at large?

Working with the world’s largest global players in the Hydrogen fuel cell sector, a trillion-dollar industry, CIMtech is paving the way to serve customers to become a vital player in the hydrogen fuel cell sector.

Where do you see your company a few years from now?

CIMtech is going through exponential business growth. Our company’s revenue grew 50% year over year for last few years. We are anticipating that this growth will continue as our major customers are growing rapidly in the green energy sector. 

Knowing The Man Behind Cimtech Mfg.

Paul Ghotra, Founder & CEO

Paul moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1988 and started his manufacturing engineering career in one of the leading hi-technology companies in British Columbia, Canada. His work experience in a company that had witnessed a colossal growth from a 10-employee start-up to a 5000-employee firm in fifteen years greatly influenced his passion to grow and push through the obstacles in his business.

It’s been two decades of starting CIMtech Mfg. and since then, Paul has been guiding engineers in high-technology companies on DFM processes and optimizing part designs for manufacturing. Right from proof of concept to scaled production, Paul has a rich understanding of optimizing cost reduction in manufacturing during the initial stages of the design phase.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a revolutionary concept or a company managing a team of 50 engineers, CIMtech Mfg. Inc’s innovation can make your product a success.