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Integrating Patient Safety & Core Healthcare Responsibility with Innovative Medical Device Solutions: Numedico Technologies

Founding Year: 2016



Adelaide, Australia 


Needlestick incidents can have far-reaching and unpleasant consequences for both patients and workers in the hospital environment. About six people suffer a needlestick injury somewhere in the world every hour of every day, and three people die because of those injuries. This doesn’t need to happen.

Needlestick injuries can be reduced by using ClickZip™ Needle Retractable Safety Syringe. South Australia-headquartered Numedico is the proprietor, manufacturer, and wholesaler of the Swiss-designed ClickZip™ technology, a high-quality manual retractable needle injectable delivery system offering ultra-low dead space. ClickZip™ is designed for reuse prevention (RUP).

The Chief’s Digest had the opportunity to interact with Neville Calvert, The Founder & CEO of Numedico Technologies. Here’s an excerpt from the interview.

In conversation with Neville Calvert

Tell us about Numedico and the idea behind it.

Established in 2016, the company behind ClickZip™ is Numedico Technologies, a globally focused safety medical devices manufacturer and distributor. Every day, Numedico strives to challenge the status quo. Numedico Technologies meets this mission and purpose through an ecosystem that enables the design and procurement of utilitarian medical products, functional, user-friendly, safe, and affordable medical products, and home healthcare solutions. 

With a growing portfolio of innovative medical devices and customer solutions, Numedico is supplying to major hospitals, health services, government departments, distributors and suppliers, health practices, veterinary practices, and consumers needing home healthcare solutions.

In this modern business world, what exactly does a “Smart Company” mean to you?

A smart company is ultimately about Innovation and collaboration. This is something that perhaps every business has had to turn to since the onset of the pandemic. it has been a necessity for success in every industry. At Numedico Technologies, innovation is part of the Company’s DNA.  

Innovation is the key within our company as well as our foundation. We constantly innovate

to meet the needs of our communities. The team within our Innovation division

handles all aspects from product design, engineering, IP acquisition &

management – right through to commercialization.

How successful was your first project? Do you think there has been a change in your priorities since then?

Numedico has historically focused on the ClickZip retractable safety syringe. This product aligns perfectly with our strategic priorities of safety and has afforded many opportunities during COVID. Although COVID has been a major distraction to the company, we have seen a silver lining with our resources refocused on broadening our sales channels, enabling more control throughout the supply chain, and diversifying and growing our customer base. This exercise has been invigorating.

How would you describe the work culture within your organization? How do you differentiate between smart work and hard work?

At Numedico, we pride ourselves on the 5 C’s.

  • Common sense – How we collaborate – firmly rooted in reality and able to simplify complex ideas
  • Character – Who we are – strong sense of integrity, ethics and honesty
  • Curiosity – How we behave – always ask questions to build knowledge
  • Creativity – How we deliver our products – think outside the box and stay open-minded
  • Consideration – How we service our customers – respectful, solution focused and fast

These values attract loyal staff who are truly motivated with our mission. 

What are the factors that make your brand one of the SMARTEST and why?

We work on solving the problem before we create a new product. This is critical to ensuring customers and stakeholders actually Want our products. An example of this is the global problem we’re solving relating to residual wasted medication leftover in syringes and needles. Our team has been working with a global organization to solve this problem. Our invention expels nearly 100% of all medication in a syringe and needle which would save the patient tens of billions of dollars annually. 

Numedico’s Innovation division is working on projects that solve real world problems for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare services. The projects have applications in the areas of connectivity and bio-tech.

The company is currently in the final stages of designing and prototyping a new and superior version of ClickZipTM. While the elements that have been redesigned may go unnoticed, the device’s efficiency will vastly exceed the functionality of the current version.

How does your company contribute to the competitive global platform at large?

Numedico does much more than innovate, manufacture, and supply trusted medical products. The company provides services to pharmaceutical companies and stakeholders in the medical industry. One of our service offerings is its access to life-science research in space. Numedico has partnered with SpaceTech start-up ResearchSat to provide life-science research services to pharmaceutical, vitamin, and food science companies. The SpaceTech market is a multi-billion-dollar industry that provides a unique environment with extreme environmental variables enabling the acceleration of life-science research.

What’s your take on the involvement of companies in social welfare/ CSR activities? Does it make a positive contribution to the business?

A key priority for Numedico is safety and sustainability. Numedico works with our manufacturers to ensure sustainable raw materials are used at all times during the production process. 

Our logistics team finds innovative ways to offset our carbon footprint. The team manages carbon abatement initiatives that render our supply chain a sustainable operation. Additionally, we are working to build manufacturing facilities in regional locations around the world to avoid carbon-heavy freight from Asia. We expect to save hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2 with this initiative.

Where do you see your company a few years from now?

Numedico recently launched a subsidiary company in the US, Numedico Tech Inc. This strategic expansion will enhance Numedico’s presence in the USA to allow its products to be offered to the consumers in the country. Our future focus is driven by a desire to improve healthcare and to find the best and safest solutions to suit our customer’s needs today and tomorrow. We are always exploring what’s possible, continuously innovating, and seeking new solutions to suit evolving industry and consumer needs.

In a few years, we will have commercialized multiple novel drug delivery devices that will solve fundamental problems for the healthcare industry. Our business will continue to innovate and solve real problems for society. 

The Leadership Team

Neville Calvert, Founder & CEO

Neville is a lifelong entrepreneur with extensive strategic experience. For more than 30 years, Neville has worked in a diverse range of roles, including Company Chairman, Partner of Big Four business advisory firm KPMG, Public Company Director and CEO, and Private Company Director. 

As Founder & CEO, Neville is responsible for Numedico’s direction, vision, and steering the company towards success. He is an exceptional leader and professional coach, and he has built an outstanding team around him to support the business.

Max Toovey, Executive Director

Max Toovey is an active venture capital investor with international investments in MedTech and other industries. Max has built an extensive career identifying and partnering with best-in-class founders to create value within their business. Max’s experience spans private equity where he previously managed $1 billion in funds under management and led the successful execution of fundraising, asset sourcing, due diligence, acquisitions, and exits (IPO and Trade Sales). He has international transactional experience and served on boards of operating companies in Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

A key priority for Numedico is safety and sustainability. We push ourselves to be better today than we were yesterday, building business through best practices and collaborative partnerships.