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Organizations Need Committed Employees To Succeed

Clients and customers require much better quality at lower prices. They also expect top-notch service, or they will take their business to competitors. Studies reveal that 70% of customers go elsewhere due to poor-quality service.

Speed is also important as modern society has gotten used to instant everything! An organization that emphasizes a speed-driven culture and delivers good quality has a distinct advantage in the marketplace. The only way an organization can even hope to compete and win is to employ high-performance employees.

In the past, the most common solution to problems was to hire more employees and spend more money. However, Organizations can no longer afford that approach. Instead of simply throwing more people at problems, many more successful organizations now throw fewer. They understand they must do more with speed and better with less. It calls for highly committed people.

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There is no room now for half-hearted effort. employees who seemed to keep their jobs merely because they could show up and do the minimum are going the way of the dinosaur!

Career success belongs to those who are dedicated to performance excellence. Success comes to those who work from the heart, invest passionately in their jobs, and recommit quickly when change reshapes their work environment.

According to some surveys, as much as a third of employees leave or plan to leave an organization for a new job due to feeling disrespected, bored, needing to feel valued, or seeking a new challenge. Organizations with highly committed employees generally outperform their competitors. However, the employee needs to get something in return, with both tangible and intangible benefits. Urging to have high job commitment will serve the best interests and benefit the organization.

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