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Following the Reddit Leak, Canoo Confirms Its New Electric Pickup Truck

Canoo, the electric vehicle startup based in California has confirmed the release of its new pickup truck to Reuters. However, it is not due for official launch before 2023. Until then, Tesla’s CyberTruck, the electric Hummer, electric F-150 from Ford, and EV pickup from Rivian will all hit the roads.

Though information on prices has not been disclosed, Canoo announced that later this year, they would commence taking up pre-orders for pickups. The company is in negotiation with other states for a micro-factory. In such a setup, the vehicles will be built by the contract manufacturer.

Since the launch of its first vehicle, Canoo has seen a lot of transition. After it merged with a special purpose acquisition firm at the end of 2020, it became a publicly-traded company. The current executive chairman has reoriented the company to market commercial vehicles based on the initial van concept and technology base. However, this does not mean that Canoo is precisely aiming to make normal customers’ cars. This new form of truck links the two classes of consumers, partially because they have all types of service functions.

On Canoo’s pickup, there are several fold-down and flip-out areas, one on the vehicle nose and one on the truck’s side bed. There is an extension to make the bed a few feet longer. The interior of the bed and storerooms have energy sockets (120V and USB).

That is aligned with the view of the original Canoo car, which was laid out inside panels to customize and personalize the vehicle the company envisioned. And Tony Aquila, the current executive chairman of the startup, believes it will be a huge market point for the small companies and more ambitious customers. Canoo is targeting, to be able to use the modular capabilities of the new truck in so many different ways—and to configure them at the outset.

These innovations allowed the startup to incorporate too many different designs into the same technology stack. They are also reasons that have attracted the attention of Apple, who decided to acquire Canoo at some point.

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