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Mastercard Teams Up with MRT Jakarta to facilitate transit payments


Mastercard has partnered with PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda), the operator of MRT Jakarta, to enhance cashless transit experiences.”

Mastercard has partnered with PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda), the operator of MRT Jakarta, to enhance cashless transit experiences.

At the inauguration of the newly-named Senayan Mastercard Station (previously known as Senayan Station), a collaboration was announced. This collaboration is aimed at enabling payment acceptance at MRT Jakarta, which will offer more payment options to commuters. The ultimate goal is to create a more seamless urban mobility experience for all.

Mastercard will introduce a convenient cashless payment system for commuters travelling on MRT Jakarta by allowing them to top-up and purchase MRT cards.

Tuhiyat, President and Director of PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda),

mentioned, “The collaboration with Mastercard is a testament to MRT Jakarta’s inclusive approach, which aims to cultivate Jakarta as the hub of national economic and business activities. Looking ahead, we look forward to further collaboration and innovation with Mastercard to improve the travel experience of MRT Jakarta passengers.”

In Indonesia, facilitating the utilization of cashless payments on public transit, an everyday activity for millions of Indonesians, is bolstering the Indonesian government’s overarching agenda to drive digital transformation.

This partnership is a crucial part of Mastercard and MRT Jakarta’s broader strategy to reinforce urban mobility in Indonesia, representing a significant step towards a more interconnected and digitally empowered urban landscape.

Aileen Goh, President and Director of PT Mastercard Indonesia,

said, “At Mastercard, we are harnessing our global network and technology to help solve public sector challenges, such as through the digitalization of vital public services. This includes transit, where Mastercard collaborates with key partners worldwide to enable frictionless, accessible transit experiences that drive increased ridership, efficiencies, and innovation. Under this partnership, a first for Indonesia, PT MRT Jakarta and Mastercard will be working closely to ensure that anyone in Jakarta, resident or tourist, can enjoy an improved and simplified transit experience, starting with convenient and secure cashless payments.”

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