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Jaguar Land Rover to Turn Electric-Only Brand by 2025

Jaguar Land Rover aims to hit the automobile market with a complete zero-emission range by 2025. The company, which is owned by the Indian conglomerate, Tata, will abandon petrol vehicles entirely by the middle of the next decade. This is a part of the changes brought in by Jaguar Land Rover’s new CEO, Thierry Bolloré.

Currently, the company plans to launch six all-electric cars within the next five years. Its range of hybrid cars with internal combustion on engines and batteries will be available until around 2036.

Popular for its revered, high-performance E-Type platform in the 1960s and 1970s, Jaguar faces the challenge of beating several other automakers in designing zero-emission models to address the looming bans on the selling of new fossil-fuel cars while maintaining the sensation and strength of a luxury combustion engine model.

JLR said that because it electrifies its model line, it would keep all three of its UK offices open. Following the announcement of the electrification plan, Thierry Bolloré said, “It’s time to re-imagine the next chapter for both brands… British brands steeped in a rich tapestry of timeless designs.”

Speaking of the biggest obstacle for the carmaker’s net zero-carbon goal, Bolloré said that reducing a third of the total emissions that came from suppliers, many of which are small businesses in the West Midlands. Bolloré also insisted on tapping into the opportunity to build greener brands that will be appealing to wealthy customers. He says that luxury is clean and electric technology must embody everything that a modern luxury vehicle should be.

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