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Israel-based startup Reflectiz seeks to fight the alarming surge of cyber risks fueled by digitalization

Idan Cohen, CEO, Reflectiz

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitalization across all sectors. This unplanned digital transformation on a global scale has also allowed hackers and malicious groups to steal more private information. This can be personal data (names, addresses, etc.) or financial information like credit card numbers. Web-Skimming and Magecart are gaining momentum, as are the risks of supply chain exploits, like the recent SolarWinds attack.

However, organizations still have a way to prevent becoming cyberattack victims on their path to digital transformation. They have to be on a parallel journey with equal focus on their digital transformation efforts and security and risk governance. That’s where Reflectiz can help to protect businesses against devasting cyber threats that can derail them from their path to success.

Reflectiz is not just another cyber startup that is fighting with the exact solutions in the same field. The firm can scan any given website worldwide without a single line of installed code and any initial configuration. Just name the site, and in less than 10 minutes, you have complete visibility and a list of detected issues to mitigate.

The Chief’s Digest conversation with Idan Cohen, CEO & Co-founder, Reflectiz

How did you come up with the idea to start Reflectiz? And what do you propose to bring forward in the current market?

After a decade in the cybersecurity space, I felt like I had enough experience to build my own company with an issue that I encountered every day in my previous roles as an advisor and hacker – client-side security.  Ysrael and I always knew that we would collaborate on launching a startup dedicated to cybersecurity in the future. The rest is history.

Reflectiz’s innovative technology is a major leap ahead when it comes to digital security for websites. We can scan any given website without a single line of installed code without any prior configuration. This is a game-changer because competing solutions simply can’t provide the full set of capabilities that the Reflectiz solution offers.

They also always require some kind of installation or maintenance. Further, we’re planning to elevate our game by giving our clients everything (and more) our competitors are trying to give, but without any complicated technical requirements.

In the current trend of remote working and remote access, how have you shaped your products/services to fit the priorities and requirements of your consumers?

With so many teams working from home, CISOs and security teams faced new challenges – managing user permissions, defining roles, creating policies, and tracking the security risks created by third-party applications.

Reflectiz helps solve many of these issues by promoting cross-department collaboration with its centralized dashboard and customizable alerts. It empowers your teams to scale up seamlessly and smoothly, where our comprehensive enterprise toolbox comes into play. The icing on the cake – there is no stress on IT teams, nor is there any adverse effect on your website’s performance metrics. 

You can basically use Reflectiz to handle large-scale third-party security and privacy risks by using your own inventory and security dashboard, all from home.

If you were to offer the single most crucial advice to companies to protect themselves during a cyber-attack, what would it be?

There is no “magic wand” when it comes to optimizing cybersecurity standards. It has to be a multi-layered approach with several lines of defense.

Here are some essential pointers. Firstly, I believe that organizations should be ready with a comprehensive incident response plan because it’s important to be prepared beforehand. Secondly, they need to focus on detecting and analyzing the attack vectors to prevent further escalation. Last but not least, there are no shortcuts. Get professional help. Involve cybersecurity experts as soon as possible.

As the CEO of a growing company in the cybersecurity space, what do you think is the most challenging?

Today’s cybersecurity space is highly saturated with multiple companies offering similar services, but only a few with something truly revolutionary. Hence, the biggest challenge is to create separation to get your target audience and decision makers’ attention.

As a remote non-intrusive solution, Reflectiz can demonstrate value within 15 minutes – something that other companies usually cannot do. Our value proposition is cemented by solid content and thought leadership strategy to ensure our clients understand that we are not just trying to make a sale. Our main goal is to make websites stronger and more resilient to cybercrime.

How has your journey been so far, and where do you see yourself in a few years from now?

The most exciting journey I have ever had so far in my career. It’s like a roller-coaster, to be honest with you. There are many good days with new wins and clients that make you believe you are changing the world. But you also have bad ones, with technical and marketing failures that test your resolve. But that’s the reality of managing a startup that’s growing in an uber-competitive space.

Hopefully, in a few years from now, we’ll be celebrating our unicorn status and sipping on some piña colada on the exotic beaches of Sri Lanka.

Knowing The Founders of Reflectiz

Idan Cohen, CEO & Co-founder

Idan is a former Cyber IDF officer with over a decade of Information Security expertise. Following a cybersecurity role in the IDF, he was the CTO of Israel’s most prominent offensive security company – Bugsec. This was followed by a stint at Cynet, a blooming XDR startup. In 2017, he co-founded Reflectiz to help any digital website combat client-side and third-party security issues. The other Reflectiz co-founder, Ysrael Gurt, was his colleague at Bugsec.

Ysrael Gurt, CTO & Co-Founder

Ysrael is an ultra-orthodox and well-known ethical hacker with extensive experience in product development and complex problem-solving. Ysrael was ranked at number 22 in Google’s Hall of Fame and his “résumé” includes revealing attacks on Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft, and more. In 2018 Ysrael was included in Forbes’ “30 under 30” for his unique hacking abilities and cybersecurity skills. Ysrael is a former team leader at Bugsec.

When we created Reflectiz, we wanted to make sure that the platform can work in a non-intrusive manner with no code changes, without requiring big internal teams or resources to run it.