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In Home Personal Services: Compassionate Home Care for Your Loved Ones So That They Feel Comfortable, Vibrant, And at Peace

In Home Personal Services

The Founder: Michael A Collura started his journey in senior care early on. At the young age of just 15 he unknowingly was set on a path that would shape his life and lives of countless others. Michael began working in his first job, alongside his mother, in a nursing home. There Michael instantly developed a passion for doing something that mattered and being someone who would help others. He was instilled with values of compassion, respect, dignity and a desire to genuinely help others. It was in these early years and how he was raised right that would ultimately impact the formation and strength of the In Home Personal Services brand so many years later…

The Idea: It was simple. Do something that mattered, helped others and was built for the benefit of many, not just the few. More than a business, it would be a mission that set out to never diminish and only grow. It was to expand not to gain fortune, but to make a difference in the community and the industry that was crying out for help.

The Spark: We are often asked “How did you start the business?”. Our answer, we never tried to start a business, we set out to do something that mattered, the business was a vehicle to get us there. In that the mission was born.

The Mission: In early 2004, In Home Personal Services was formed. Founded by Michael A Collura and again working with his own Mother. The mission statement says it all, In Home Personal Services would deliver on its promise.

To provide quality homecare with high standards that promotes independence at a low cost.

The Journey: Since its inception In Home Personal Services has continued to live up to its mission, delivering care to countless seniors and their families. It has built a reputation of more than a quality care provider. It is an award-winning brand and recognized within the industry as a true leader in senior care. This journey has not been without its own challenges, but that too further builds upon its strength as a provider and a brand.

Michael’s Journey:For me, it’s not a measurement of success that many would think is conventional. I am blessed for everything life has provided. The good, the bad and the ugly have all shaped my life and where I stand today, I say thank you for it all. For without the challenges, the failures and the struggle there would be nothing worth celebrating and life would be boring. My life is anything but unfulfilled. I have the privilege to do what I love…making a difference in the lives of others. My journey is far from over and that too is a blessing. Because of all the lives I have yet to reach and impact for the better.

The Team: Nothing about what In Home Personal Services is today would exist without the amazing team of dedicated professionals that drive the brands delivery and innovation of care.

As a Founder, Michael A Collura President and CEO, has often described himself as the least important person in the brands success. Why? Because while he may be a significant force for the growth and operation, it is the frontline workers who deliver on the promises made and the trust given to be the care provider of choice for the vulnerable loved ones that have trusted In Home Personal Services as a care provider.

Michael’s view on…

Innovation within the brand?

Our innovation comes with the understanding that it must improve upon the lives of others, or it is just nothing more than a clever idea novel in its conception. There must be real substance to how any innovation we will develop and must provide a benefit to others, not just the brand.

His own role?

My responsibilities day to day will include first and foremost ensuring that the team has the ability to be challenged, to grow and to become more than they thought they could be. As a leader, it is my core duty to build those around me to the point where I become the least important person in the room. Today, I am successfully the last useful person within the brand!

The BIG 3?

  What are the 3 biggest achievements we could be proud of? Let’s make a simple list.

1.   The Brands mission and how it has delivered on its promise.

2.   The Team of professionals that got us here and ensured those promises are upheld.

3.   The Future of what is in store for us all and the monumental amount of quality of life and quality care that will be delivered which will make a real-world impact in the lives of others.

The competition?

 We are our biggest competitor. Nothing else should, will or would ever matter. We work to continue to innovate and grow and we are only chasing ourselves. Let the others running a rat race look over and see what we are doing. It won’t matter. We’re too busy doing what is right, what is needed and what is expected to pay attention to anyone else.


Integrity will be your ally and the most valued human virtue on the planet. Respect everyone. Listen with an open heart. Never quit on the mission. Embrace failure because it is required to achieve success. Love what you do or do something else. Leadership isn’t about being perfect, popular or “the best”. It’s about being the person who can inspire, lift up and make others better than yourself.

Michael’s Final Advice.

“In being a part of In Home Personal Services I can honestly say I never felt like I had a “job”. I have a mission, a drive, a life that gives me the chance to be a positive force for others in countless ways never even imagined. Find that in your life. It may actually be the true secret to happiness. It certainly is for me.”