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Google Says It’s Developing Tools to Help Journalists Create Headlines, Stories


“Google has announced the development of AI tools to help journalists create headlines and write stories.”

Since artificial intelligence has arrived, the technology has garnered attention from everyone around the world. Technology giants have taken it with both hands and spiced it up to generate as many tools as they can.

Following this, Google has announced the development of AI tools to help journalists create headlines and write stories. Though the idea is in early stages, the company has discussed it with leaders in the news industry.

Topnotch Media Houses have been Approached-

Google has briefed its ideas and concept to the leaders at The New York Times, owners of The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and News Corp. as per the report.

Google said “artificial intelligence-enhanced tools could help give journalists options for headlines or different writing styles when they are working on a story — characterizing it as a way to enhance work and productivity. These tools are not intended to, and cannot, replace the essential role journalists have in reporting, creating, and fact-checking their articles,”.

Should AI be Trusted- Still a Concern to the World

Concerns have already been raised about whether the rapidly evolving technology can be trusted to deliver accurate reports, and whether it will eventually lead to the loss of human journalists’ jobs in an industry that is already struggling financially.

To build AI systems capable of producing human-like writing, tech companies have had to consume massive amounts of written content, such as news articles and digitised books. Not all companies reveal the sources of their data, some of which is obtained from the internet.

Concerns from news organisations and other professions about whether technology firms are adequately paying them to use their published works to enhance AI systems known as large language models are overlapping with a discussion over how to apply the latest AI writing tools.

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