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Google Reveals Its Generative AI Development’s Long-Term Plan | AI-first company


“Google, who has asserted that it is a “AI-first company” since 2016, has adopted a more circumspect stance.”

Following the ChatGPT launch by OpenAI, which was a success, large tech firms like Microsoft have jumped into the field of generative AI tools. Google, who has asserted that it is a “AI-first company” since 2016, has adopted a more circumspect stance.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google,said, while ChatGPT showcased user enthusiasm for AI, Google believes their technology requires further refinement before integration into their products. He expressed excitement about the progress of their underlying AI technology and its deployment across various products. Despite this, he emphasized the need for careful consideration. “I am confident in our lengthy technology arc. This cautious stance contrasts with earlier concerns that Google might be trailing in the AI race”.

What is Google’s Long-Term Plan for Generative AI?

When asked if Google should have created a system similar to GPT before OpenAI, the corporation responded that the timing would not have significantly affected their chances for future commercial success. They said that by demonstrating how the technology functions, they can keep making improvements. They also emphasised their commitment to complete technological advancement and said that the problem will probably be irrelevant in 5–10 years.

Since the launch of ChatGPT, Google has intensified its efforts in the development of generative AI. Google management was extremely concerned about the possible effects of OpenAI on the company’s supremacy in search engine results and even advised a “code red” response. The company swiftly organised numerous corporate departments to deal with this deemed threat as a result.

What was Google’s First Approach Towards AI?

In March 2023, Google unveiled their chatbot, Bard. However, there were significant difficulties with the initial launch. The chatbot was not yet ready for a full product release, and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, acknowledged that the launch was hurried and flawed.

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