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Google Partners with Samsung for a New Health Connect API for Android

In the recent Google I/O 2022 event, Google showcased some of its much anticipated upcoming hardware products. These included the Pixel 6a and a new Pixel tablet. However, recent news state that Google has joined hands with Samsung to develop a new Health Connect API for Android.

Health Connect API for Android

The new Health Connect API for Android will primarily be a hub for all health and fitness-related data that will be synced across multiple Android devices. During its I/O 2022 event, Google announced the Health Connect Platform and even APIs for developers to access a single set of APIs to create health and fitness-related experiences for users. Now that Google is getting into the fitness segment with its upcoming Pixel Watch, the company aims to improve the health-data syncing situation across Android devices to create a more Apple-like ecosystem.

Following the announcement, Samsung recently took to an official blog post to announce its new Health Connect API for developers. The Korean giant said that it is working with Google as well as other partners to develop the platform and realize its full potential.

Seamless Syncing Experience

The Health Connect API will provide a toolset to developers to enable them to create a seamless syncing experience of health data across apps and devices. When a user opts into the experience, developers will be able to compile their health data in a single encrypted hub. Users will have full control over what health data is being shared and with which apps. They will also be able to share a specific kind of health data with one app over others on their devices, manage the connected apps, and access or deny permission controls for the apps. And all of this data will be synced across their Android-powered devices, including smartwatches and tablets.

Samsung says that the Health Connect supports over 50 data types, ranging across multiple categories such as body measurement, nutrition, activity, cycle-tracking, sleep, and vitals. The Health Connect API is currently in open beta for Android developers. Furthermore, Google and Samsung are working with health-focused developers like MyFitnessPal, Withings, and Leap Fitness as part of an early access program to bring Health Connect support to their platforms.

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