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Evolving Solutions: Making Business Transformation Easier in the Modern Hybrid Cloud World

Evolving Solutions

Evolving Solutions is a technology solutions provider that helps clients modernize and automate their mission-critical infrastructure to support digital transformation. Our business is client-centric consulting and delivery of technical solutions to enable modern operations in the Hybrid Cloud.

Our Story 

Jaime Gmach, chief executive officer, co-founded Evolving Solutions almost 25 years ago. He will tell you, “The company was founded with the purpose of creating enduring relationships with its clients.” Evolving Solutions was created to be a different type of technology partner. We get to know where our clients are on in their technology transformation journey. 

We understand where they are today, to help get them to where they want to be tomorrow. We know every business is different. That’s why each of our clients receives a personalized experience from start to finish. Our entire team works hard to ensure that unique situations and goals are recognized and addressed.

We are people simplifying technology. Our passion is creating enduring relationships.  

At Evolving Solutions, our dedication to our clients is second to none. At the heart of the company, it’s our service mentality that drives us to do anything and everything to ensure our client’s complete satisfaction, no matter the obstacles. Done right, every time is our motto. This sentiment isn’t just copywriting; we prove it. Whether it involves modern platforms with enterprise cloud strategies or mission-critical infrastructure, we promise a complete solution, crafted by the best consultants, to get the job done right – every time. We enable clients to develop a hybrid approach to drive innovation and simplicity in their digital transformations. We believe simplicity saves our clients time and money.

Together with the extended Evolving Solutions team, the company has gone through its own transformation. We are in growth mode and have increased our team by 25%. Our organization is composed of energetic, dedicated, and highly skilled team members, including enterprise architects, solution consultants, account executives, and support personnel. The company implemented a new operating model in in the past few years and is moving forward with a clear mission, vision, and set of values. 

To jumpstart its transformation, Evolving Solutions launched a new affiliated company, Keyva, in 2018. Keyva is a services-driven organization focused on DevOps, Cloud Automation and Orchestration, Containers and custom IP development. Following that launch, Evolving Solutions introduced our Hybrid Cloud Vision, which is a tool to facilitate clients’ moves on their hybrid multicloud journey.  Following that, the company launched new business practices focused on Enterprise Monitoring & Analytics and Modern Networking. These investments are helping us meet clients where they are on their technology journey and helping us guide them to where they’re trying to get to.

Jaime has instilled one of his true passions into the Evolving Solutions culture. We are incredibly proud to serve our community and incorporate a charitable component into events and client activities. Evolving Solutions participates in many philanthropic initiatives that provide technology, financial, and labor support to charitable organizations throughout the region. This give-back mentality drives the culture, and the team is encouraged to be involved in the organizations important to them. 

Find out more about our service mentality and schedule a time to talk to one of our technology team members at

Company video:

Presenting the Leader Behind Evolving Solutions’ Success

Jaime Gmach, Chief Executive Officer

Jaime Gmach co-founded Evolving Solutions almost 25 years ago and is proud to serve today as its Chief Executive Officer. Together with the extended Evolving Solutions team, Jaime has built the company into a leading technology solution provider focused on helping enterprise clients modernize and automate their mission-critical infrastructure to support digital transformation.

In addition to, Jaime founded Keyva, a services organization focused on cloud automation, orchestration and DevOps in 2018. 

One of Jaime’s true passions in life is giving back to the communities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. He has led multiple Evolving Solutions and Keyva philanthropic initiatives in which the companies have provided technology, financial and labor support to charitable organizations throughout the region.

“At Evolving Solutions, we believe in a hybrid cloud strategy for our clients.  We integrate our expertise in modern platforms, with enterprise cloud strategies.”

Contact information and social media:

  • Evolving Solutions, 3989 County Road 116, Hamel, MN 55340
  • 1-800.294.4362