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Eturi Corp., Makers of Motiv Vs OurPact:Helping Digital Natives Learn Healthy Concepts Of Managing And Using Screen Time


Founding Year: 2013

Office Locations: San Diego 


The Beginning Of A New Concept To Take Control Of Your Family’s Screen Time

As a father of two, Eturi’s founder, Amir Moussavian, saw the need to manage screen time from a very personal perspective. Back in 2014, he would come home after long days at the office and excited to spend quality time with his family. The problem was his children weren’t ‘present’ — they were texting at the dinner table and scrolling through Instagram during conversations. It felt like every family moment was being hijacked by screens, or by arguments about screens.

So, he decided to write up a ‘pact’ that positioned device use as a privilege and outlined expectations for that privilege to continue: no screens during family meals, for an hour before bed, during homework time. No more arguments. In theory. While his kids made great progress, the system still lacked accountability. He’d tell his daughters: “only fifteen more minutes,” then come back to them still on their device over an hour later. One morning, he found himself looking at the contracts taped to the refrigerator and had an ‘Aha’ moment. Right then, he realized that technology is the problem, but it can also be the solution. From that day, he set out to develop an app that would help families limit screen time, without the arguments. 

It was in this ‘aha’ moment that OurPact, Powered by Eturi Corp, was born.

Eturi: Company offerings

Eturi has two apps and two distinct customers. OurPact is targeted to consumers, and Motiv is targeted to Small & Medium-Sized businesses.

For OurPact, Eturi’s focus demographically is parents with children aged five through fifteen. However, the firm also wants to empower parents to raise thoughtful digital citizens so their children can effectively navigate the ever-growing digital ecosystem. As digital continues to grow in importance in people’s lives, people must become smart digital citizens, especially surrounding social media. OurPact is the one app wise parents need to help guide their children to healthy digital habits.

Motiv’s target audience is the SMB market, focusing on business leaders at companies that remain remote, hybrid, or distributed and are looking to receive productivity metrics on their teams. These individuals in the C-Suite or directors who want to ensure their teams work effectively, collaborate on critical projects, and ensure their teams remain engaged and are not experiencing burnout.

Excerpt From The Chief’s Digest Interview With Amir Moussavian, Executive Chairman, CEO & Founder of Eturi Corp.

Following the shifts in the workforce due to the pandemic, how did you manage to stay relevant in the market?

The entire nature of the workforce has turned on its heel in early 2020. No company was exempt from the impacts – both in terms of immediate responses and looking forward/making plans for the future. That included Eturi. We had a defined roadmap slated for 2020 and early 2021. However, this shift in business drove a major enhancement to our portfolio. I realized that many business leaders, including myself, needed a way to help manage their remote workforce. That lead to the vision of the Motiv app.

I had a vision of what I wanted to see with Motiv. I wanted an app that CEOs and business leaders could easily use on the go to be able to understand how their team leaders were performing while in a decentralized work situation. It would allow them to ensure collaborations were occurring as they should, if there was a potential for conference call burnout, and if teams were being efficient.

With a vision laid out, I engaged my team of brilliant engineers to work through logistics and execution. They worked tirelessly to develop the initial product, which has recently launched, along with an aggressive roadmap for enhancements throughout the year.

On what ideals are your work culture and business ethics based?

Every person from myself to the interns is passionate about solving everyday problems with technology. To do so, we: 

  • Trust our team and coworkers implicitly
  • Challenge every convention; do not settle for the status quo 
  • Communicate with clarity and listen with intent  
  • Collaborate openly because it’s through all ideas we push ourselves
  • Innovative to deliver leading-edge products 

Where do you see your company a few years from now?

Over the next 12 months, we have an aggressive growth plan for our newest app, Motiv. We’ll be adding features vertically and horizontally working in lock-step with the needs of our users, providing frequent releases to meet and exceed their needs. 

Our flagship product, OurPact, is also within our roadmap and we are looking to add even more new innovative features to an already incredible product. In fact, we have just launched some major enhancements that will improve the OurPact user experience which helps to keep OurPact the leader in the parental screen control market.

How have the challenges through your entrepreneurial journey with Eturi shaped your outlook?

Failures are definitely part of the entrepreneurial journey and while they are frustrating, they offer up a great opportunity to learn. One of the earliest lessons I learned was not to rush a product to market. 

When there’s a legitimate need for your product and an urgent market need, it’s easy to ship a product before it’s ready. But the quality directly reflects the effectiveness of your organizations’ processes. Negative press and brand impressions are difficult to come back from — much harder than the temporary disappointment from missing an internal deadline or not rising to investors’ satisfaction. Always cross your T’s and dot your I’s.

Last but not least: prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Knowing The Man Behind Eturi

Amir Moussavian

Executive Chairman, CEO & Founder of Eturi Corp.

“I am always keeping an eye out for the next new opportunity to use technology to make people’s lives better and expect over the next few years to expand our portfolio, ensuring we can address other challenges with technology in the most innovative way.”