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ARCUITY: The Leading Artificial Intelligence-Powered Document Retrieval and Review System


Delivering Powerful, AI-Enhanced, And Independent Document Review

Companies today have to deal with substantial volumes of documents regularly, ranging from invoices, contracts, emails, to reports, policies, and procedures. One way to organize and process these documents is to do it manually, but that can be a time and labor-intensive process. Besides, there is always a chance for errors and inconsistency.

Consequently, it can prevent organizations from relying on the information in the documents to make better business decisions and improve their performance.

Today, administrative costs for record retrieval and review amounts to 1.3 billion dollars annually in California. Other challenges that surface in the absence of a proper document retrieval system include duplicity of records, wasted energy, and delayed goals. With Arcuity, firms have a way to move from a high-cost duplicate record and manual record review to a seamless, automated recorder retrieval system powered by artificial intelligence. Arcuity can help companies to control risks, reduce document review and processing time while increasing their accuracy and consistency.

The Impact of Intelligent Document Processing

Arcuity offers intelligent document processing with the help of artificial intelligence. The AI technology presents actionable insights by searching through large volumes of documents and texts, no matter how complex they are. With AI, information can be synthesized to augment decision-making and carry out business functions in a better way.

Arcuity’s document review and processing solutions can completely transform how forward-thinking companies review, process, and glean valuable information from a plethora of business documents. This will ultimately reshape the way organizations do business entirely in the not-too-distant future.

Mastering Document Review and Retrieval

Arcuity enables companies to master their document review and retrieval process using AI-assisted conceptual search and secure block-chained digital networks.

Neural Search: It allows users to rapidly search records by both concept and keyword. With the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning, teams can easily identify the most important parts of any record. To sum it up, firms can

  • Review, annotate, and summarize all records simultaneously
  • Make use of AI to complement their legal and claims expertise
  • Access the right data in less time

FirstServeTM: Arcuity’s pre-litigation record retrieval service allows users to control the serve, costs, and liens. When a notice of a lawsuit is received, applicant counsel is served with a notice within hours of ADJ filing. With this service, users get

  • Records from the custodian of records via SDT
  • First-in-class, secure block-chained digital network
  • Digital rights management protections

IMR Summary: Acruity’s automated system categorizes, summarizes, and organizes the medical record. As a result, teams can quickly identify and access all relevant patient data within seconds.

Why Arcuity?

The process most users and teams follow to retrieve records is massively flawed, inefficient, and ineffective. Arcuity helps unlock the system and process to streamline record retrieval and review while reducing waste, time, energy, and capital.

Organizations don’t have to settle for what’s available to them now. Partnering with Arcuity helps them to open up new doors to innovations in document retrieval and review. Moreover, they can activate a seamless and authenticated record retrieval and full-case document conceptual search while reducing duplicate records and costs.

What makes Arcuity more unique is the trust and transparency it offers along with its technological capabilities. One has the option to easily authenticate every user and case within the platform via blockchain and EAMS data, and all records received are captured on its immutable blockchain.

Not only does Arcuity deliver the promise of end-to-end transparent and efficient record retrieval, but also offers the insight needed to monitor, track, and authenticate all users and orders. On the technology front, Arcuity makes all of this possible by identifying the right data and information through powerful neural queries and cognitive search.

The Thought Leadership

Steve Golin, President of Arcuity AI, Inc.

Steve has been a key player in managing the overall operations of Arcuity. He believes that the Arcuity platform can be a major breakthrough in reducing the friction in the worker’s compensation claims process and provide trust and transparency as a part of a trusted network to everyone involved in the processing of workers’ comp claims. Being a part of Arcuity, Steve feels proud to bring this monumental change to workers’ compensation for the benefit of the ecosystem and most importantly, the injured worker.

“Arcuity delivers smart, seamless, and powerful record retrieval and review designed to reduce duplicate records, eliminate manual review, and automate search – all backed by unmatched security.”