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Data Confidence: A Problem That Syncari Solves with Data Automation

Data Confidence

Founding Year: 2019

Office Locations: Remote


Executives continue to disagree on some of the most important measures of a company’s health, such as how many customers it might have, how many customers churned in the previous quarter, and what the ARR is. Why? Every department has its own system of record or “source of truth” and there hasn’t yet been a market-ready solution to keep each source of truth in sync with trustworthy, accurate data – until now.

That’s where Syncari comes in with its data automation platform, empowering business leaders and operators to restore data confidence, distribute trusted customer data everywhere it’s needed, and drive predictable growth.

Excerpts from The Chief’s Digest’s interaction with Syncari’s thought leaders

What are your company offerings? How have customers’ responses shaped them over the years?

Speed is the name of the game for companies on a rapid growth trajectory. RevOps professionals are empowered by the Syncari data automation platform to align, analyze and activate data throughout the go-to-market tech stack, from leads to billings. Companies like Conga, Hyland Software, and Deel are finally achieving data interoperability across their systems in the customer journey thanks to Syncari’s patent-pending multi-directional sync engine and data-model-driven approach to integration and automation. Additionally, Syncari Embed is for companies who want to efficiently sync, unify and manage their customer’s data, to accelerate user adoption. Syncari Embed is a cost-effective solution to reduce barriers to product uptake and provide better customer experiences by utilizing the Syncari Platform of APIs and our ecosystem of apps, workflows, and unified data.

Every business, big or small, gets its fair share of challenges, especially during the initial days. Tell us about your challenges and how you managed to overcome them.

Syncari started out as a decentralized workforce. Our employees’ safety and health became a top priority during the pandemic, and a remote-first culture was born. Our teams work across three different countries and five distinct time zones.

On what ideals are your work culture and business ethics based?

We established a culture where people come first, then processes and technology. Incorporating the power of team Syncari with real-time productivity applications such as Google Meet, Slack, and team events, we were able to maintain the status quo even when everyone else started heading back to work.

For example, Varsha Neelesh, VP of Engineering at Syncari, managed a remote yet highly productive team. How did she do it? She emphasized the importance of its benefits such as a no-commute experience, more dedicated time to focus, flexibility, family time, and work in pajamas. Where there were challenges that included onboarding new hires, multiple time zones, common meeting slots, and lack of water cooler conversations or facetime, she created solutions. This included an increase in technology and product training sessions, and the ability to identify overlapped time and make efficient use of it, including continuous asynchronous communication to more documentation and huddles.

Like one of our greatest core values as a Syncaroo, Varsha brought together the people, process, and planning.

The best part? Through the Syncaroo award program, Syncari rewarded outstanding team members on a quarterly basis, specifically employees who go above and beyond and uphold the company’s core values. Shoutouts like Hugaroos are also encouraged daily as a way for peers to recognize each other’s achievements at the corporate level on internal messaging apps like Slack.

What would you say are the factors that have contributed to your success as an organization?

At Syncari, we believe that you can unlock go-to-market team productivity by empowering your sellers with clean complete data everywhere. This means a distributed customer 360° view, surfacing data that the sales team didn’t previously have access to and was trapped in other systems. Syncari ensures forecast accuracy by swiftly locating and correcting inaccurate, incomplete, and duplicate data throughout the revenue ecosystem to deliver a fair and accurate perspective of the business. By integrating buyer and customer touchpoints from marketing, product, finance, and customer success with sales activities, Syncari also makes it possible for dynamic, collaborative efforts with the most real-time information.

What do you think is a unique aspect of your business?

The problem Syncari solves is well-known: inaccurate, incomplete or inaccessible data leads to bad business outcomes. And it also isn’t new. The need to integrate and manage the explosion of data across apps has been around for years now. The unfortunate reality is that there still isn’t a solution, and the consequences are mounting. Across Sales, Marketing, Finance, and RevOps teams — inaccurate, incomplete, and inaccessible data leads to time-wasting manual clean-up, poor decisions, broken customer experiences, and ultimately lost business.

Syncari helps revenue leaders take back control of their data by making it trusted and accessible in the apps where people responsible for key parts of the customer journey actually work.

The operations and data professionals who interact with data every day use Syncari to create a unified customer view across systems and stand-up automated processes to normalize, clean, and enrich that view centrally — without writing code or waiting on resource-constrained IT or data science teams. Syncari then delivers accurate data back into the apps used by revenue teams and maintains app synchronization. We refer to this as multi-directional sync, and it is one of our core inventions, made possible by the combined 30+ years that our founding team spent at Marketo, where they invented marketing automation made possible by the Salesforce/Marketo bi-directional sync.

Where do you see your company a few years from now?

Syncari sits at the intersection of three key trends: the rise of low-code/no-code tools, the shift from big data to actionable insights, and the emergence of RevOps. 

Unlike other data management and integration technology, Syncari is a stateful, multi-directional sync engine that provides those responsible for customer data with resilient and governed access to the data they require, synced across systems automatically. This is made feasible by a unified data model that we develop and fine-tune with our customers, enabling systems in the tech stack to communicate in a common language.

Syncari will continue to develop the Syncari platform so that more users can not just manage and access data, but also realize greater value from it through investments in AI/ML, reporting, and broader connectivity…

Pillars of Strength

Nick Bonfiglio

Nick is the CEO and Co-Founder of Syncari, where he’s helping GTM teams solve costly data inconsistencies across their tech stack with complete, no-code data automation. Prior to Syncari, Nick was Co-Founder and CEO at Aptrinsic (acquired by Gainsight) and EVP, Global Product at Marketo (acquired by Adobe) where he both solved the sync problem across systems and played a role in the rise of new roles in the enterprise like RevOps, Marketing Ops, and Customer Success Ops.

Neelesh Shastry

Neelesh is the CTO and Co-Founder of Syncari. He loves being on the edge of products and technology. He was previously a technology leader at Marketo, SuccessFactors, and Oracle building scalable data, streaming, and search services.

“Syncari helps revenue leaders take back control of their data by making it trusted and accessible in the apps where people responsible for key parts of the customer journey actually work.”