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A Giant Leap to Transform Clinical Practice & Advancing Science for Life: Transmural Biotech S.L. 

Founding Year: 2009

Office Locations: Barcelona


Transmural Biotech is a spin-off of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and the University of Barcelona created at the end of 2009 by medical and engineering professionals. The firm focuses on developing innovative medical technologies based on image analysis and processing that can help health professionals substantially improve patient service quality.

Under the direction of Miguel and David, Transmural Biotech has received many accolades and recognition for its stellar work & innovation in the field of biotechnology and digital medicine.

Excerpts from The Chief’s Digest interview with Miguel and David, the leading duo behind Transmural Biotech 

How did you come up with the idea or concept for your business?

Since 2018, almost all of Transmural Biotech’s capital is held by Grupo Asisa, Spain’s largest healthcare conglomerate, and the world’s leading medical cooperative. We share with them the international spirit and commitment to offer quality healthcare, governed by excellence through the promotion of new technologies. Our common goal is to improve the health and well-being of more people every day.

What are your company offerings? How have consumer responses shaped them over the years?

In collaboration with the medical institutions that provide us with images, Transmural Biotech develops algorithms capable of diagnosing a wide range of diseases and pathologies through images, enabling personalised, economical, non-invasive and efficient medicine. It currently has three diagnostic aid products in the areas of dermatology (quantusSKIN), ophthalmology (quantusGL) and maternal-fetal (quantusFLM), while participating in several research projects related to breast cancer, osteoporosis or diabetic retinopathy.

Our vision is to transform medical practice by predicting and monitoring the diagnosis of disease through AI, improving accessibility, efficiency, reliability, accuracy and prioritization. 

Our products have achieved a great reception and interest from the market, which demonstrates the concern for new technologies and the importance of adapting to the new paradigm of the implementation of AI in the medical field.

What would you say are the factors that have contributed to your success as an organization?

Our success lies in the transversal and vanguard features of our solutions, coupled with our commitment to excellence in research and development. All this is combined with the belief revolving around the ethical commercialization of medical technologies and our multitasking team. 

What do you think is a unique aspect of your business?

Undoubtedly, our ability to develop algorithms capable of becoming diagnostic tools for a wide variety of pathologies. Our algorithms are 100% non-invasive, fast, can be accessed from anywhere and have excellent sensitivity and specificity values.

Where do you see your company a few years from now?

As a leading company in the industry. 

Through continuous research, Transmural Biotech advances in its specialisation in the development of image analysis and processing technologies and the application of AI techniques to reach new, previously unpublished conclusions. Our aim is to develop biotechnological solutions that, when applied to the medicine field, allow a better diagnosis and treatment of patients and collaborate in the development of preventive, personalised, non-invasive, fast and efficient medicine.

How will healthcare practice be affected by artificial intelligence? 

By gaining time, providing reliability, saving resources, improving efficiency, etc. We are convinced that now is the time to transform clinical practice to provide better global health for all.

In healthcare, Artificial Intelligence has an enormous potential to revolutionise disease diagnosis. The predictive analytics generated by this discipline allow us to be one step ahead of certain diseases and represent an advance towards an early, accurate and, above all, decisive diagnosis in the development of some pathologies.

How has your journey been so far?

We have evolved as one of the earliest companies making predictive algorithms based on the Application of AI to medical images. We have achieved global distribution in countries across Latin America, Europe and Asia, and we are currently collaborating on promising projects with internationally renowned medical institutions.

To achieve our goals, the starting point has been the development of the necessary infrastructure to create a unique image bank, which classifies and organises all the images and relates them to your clinical data – in strict compliance with current data protection regulations – to facilitate their subsequent use by researchers. Thanks to this high volume of images, Transmural Biotech has developed an artificial neural network capable of aiding diagnosis automatically with the same precision as a human (lab technician), with the advantage that it is 25 times faster.

We are proud of our work so far and have very strong medium- and long-term objectives.

Where do you have the spotlight right now?

Right now, we are reaping the fruits of our latest (and most important) research: the development of our new product, quantusMM. quantusMM is a non-invasive, fast and easy-to-use test for the early detection of breast pathologies, developed in collaboration with the Basque Health Service Osakidetza and the Biodonostia Institute Association. Based on mammography, it can detect the presence of malignant nodules or microcalcifications, thus helping to identify the risk of breast cancer. 

We are also starting to enter the field of education; developing training courses on fundamental concepts in the field of artificial intelligence, such as machine and deep learning, computer vision and statistical inference.

The Thought Leadership

Miguel Ángel Lorente, CEO of Transmural Biotech

Miguel has 23 years of experience in General Management in the two main Spanish banking groups, with a very wide international expansion, and 10 years of experience developing strategic consulting in the health sector.

David Fernández, Head of Transmural Biotech

David is an engineer in Computer Science (NCR) with more than 17 years of experience developing computer system integrations on internet technologies and mobile platforms.

We have a total commitment to excellence in research and development. We believe in ethical commercialization of medical technologies that allow us to substantially improve the care that patients receive.