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Kryndryl Extends Partnership with Cisco to Help Consumers Show Resilience to Cyber Attacks


“Kryndyl has extended its technology partnership with Cisco. The partnership will be delivering services that focus on cyber resilience.”

The Internet and computers are two inevitable resources of the modern-day business system. More and more companies are keen on setting up their business system through technology. The approach is marvelous, and most importantly, the need of the hour. At the same time, these systems are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Therefore, creating resilience in the cyber world has become a must.

What is the main news?

With the same approach, Kryhttp://OpenAI Working on LLM for Content Moderation, A New GPT4 Featurendyl has extended its technology partnership with Cisco. The partnership will be delivering services that focus on cyber resilience. The expansion of partnership has been done so that Kryndryl gets a comprehensive portfolio of network software, hardware, and equipment from Cisco and adds to its cyber resilience framework to empower consumers to identify and respond to cyber-attacks.

How would Cisco’s platform help Kryndryl?

Kyndryl will be able to integrate multi-vendor solutions and give a more integrated and cohesive solution with the help of Cisco Security Cloud. With the assistance of Kyndryl Consult experts and their managed services for cyber resilience, customers can accelerate their adoption process and reduce their time to implementation.

Brian Feeney, VP of Global Security Partner Sales at Cisco, said, “Our partners play a critical role in helping customers achieve their business objectives and building resilient outcomes,”.

Kyndryl partners Cisco to invest in and collaborate on development processes aimed at building scalable solutions. These solutions will be tailored to assist customers in meeting their business needs in the areas of application modernization, secure infrastructure with zero trust network, and hybrid work.

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Michelle Weston, Kyndryl VP of Global Offerings for Security and Resiliency, said, “As customers consume more cloud-based applications, it’s more important than ever to have the right tools to help them integrate a cyber resilient framework into their IT strategy and business operations,”.

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