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Axiom Care: Arizona’s leading residential healthcare provider, dedicated to providing quality and compassionate care to every American.

Vern Johnson’s commitment to serving others is truly inspiring. With his Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, he embarked on a journey that would span almost two decades in the hospice business, providing compassionate care to countless needy patients. 

But Johnson’s drive to help those struggling with mental health and addiction led him to expand his vision.  He opened a sober living home, which grew into a thriving behavioral health clinic, offering residential treatment programs and intensive outpatient services that have made a meaningful impact on the lives of countless individuals and families.  Vern Johnson’s dedication to improving the healthcare industry is a testament to his selflessness and unwavering passion for helping others.

Vision Statement for Axiom Care:

“To make effective and compassionate healthcare accessible to every American, regardless of their circumstances.”

Vern Johnson

Axiom Care empowers individuals and families affected by addiction by providing comprehensive treatment, support, and resources and advocating for equitable access to healthcare for all. As the founder of Axiom Care, Vern Johnson works closely with Arizona’s stakeholders, the state, and the criminal justice system to assess community needs and create innovative programs that make a positive impact. 

His leadership and commitment to providing compassionate care have been instrumental in shaping the company’s mission and vision. His dedication to improving healthcare access and outcomes guides the organization’s growth and success. But building Axiom Care wasn’t simple…

Like any startup, Axiom Care faced the challenge of securing funding in its early days. However, leveraging Vern Johnson’s decade-long career in commercial real estate, he established strong relationships with banks and fellow entrepreneurs that laid the groundwork for the comprehensive programs and services they provide today. 

In addition, Vern Johnson’s active involvement in healthcare-related political initiatives in Arizona – including chairing the co-founding of the Arizona Recovery Housing Association (AzRHA) – has been instrumental in shaping the recovery landscape of Axiom Care.

Exploring the Work Culture at Axiom Care

Axiom care has patient-centered work culture. The employees are dedicated to putting the needs of their patients first. They strive to provide personalized and compassionate care that meets each patient’s needs. Axiom Care values collaboration and teamwork, focusing on creating a positive and supportive work environment. Employees work together to achieve shared goals and support each other in their professional development.

This facility also encourages its employees to pursue ongoing education and professional development, with opportunities for training and advancement within the organization. Like any other successful organization, Axiom Care embeds a culture of respect, empathy, and understanding toward patients and colleagues. They strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported. Lastly, Axiom Care is committed to positively impacting the communities and encourages employees to participate in broader outreach programs and initiatives.

What sets Axiom Care apart, and how do its services create opportunities?

Axiom Care helps individuals struggling with substance use disorder (SUD). They offer a range of programs and services designed to provide comprehensive care and support for patients on their journey to recovery. For starters, Axiom Care has an entire medically assisted detox facility staffed by dual Board Certified medical professionals in SUD and psychiatry. This means that patients just starting their treatment journey can receive the medical support they need to safely detox from drugs or alcohol while also getting help for any underlying mental health issues.

But Axiom Care doesn’t stop there. They also offer residential treatment facilities with longer-term programs focusing on proven clinical methods for long-lasting behavioral change. These programs help patients not just recover from their addiction but also transform their lives in a meaningful and sustainable way. And here’s another incredible thing that Axiom Care is doing: they run long-term programs in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Corrections. 

These programs are a diversion for individuals who would otherwise be reincarcerated, offering them the opportunity to receive treatment and support to overcome their addiction and get back on track to living a fulfilling life. Overall, Axiom Care is genuinely making a difference in the lives of many individuals and families affected by addiction.  Their commitment to providing comprehensive care, support, and resources is truly inspiring, and it’s no wonder they are a healthcare industry leader.

Axiom Care’s Tech-driven Healthcare Approach

Axiom Care is utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance how they provide healthcare services to their clients.  With an integrated Client Resource Management (CRM) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system provided by KIPU Health, they’ve streamlined their processes and created a more efficient, paperless environment for clients and staff. 

This innovative system also enables seamless communication with insurance providers for electronically transferring billing information and medical documentation. But that’s not all. Axiom Care also partnered with Microsoft Business Intelligence to develop valuable tools such as dashboards to help them manage their programs and track patient outcomes. 

The Human Resources department has gone fully digital, using various tools to manage employee payroll, evaluations, and social media engagement. These tools help appreciate employees and allow them to run initiatives like wellness challenges for benefit.  Axiom Care is committed to leveraging technology to provide the best possible care for every American.

The Ideal Way of Dealing Patient according to Vern Johnson

When asked Vern Johnson, in your opinion, what is the most effective approach to helping patients understand the significance of residential detox and ensuring their comfort during the process?

He replied:

“All our staff members are well trained in Motivational Interviewing. Deep down, we know that everyone wants to do what is best for our well-being. We cannot motivate anyone; instead, we help them understand, evaluate, and amplify their intrinsic motivations. We work through compassion and empathy to help resolve the internal struggle of fear of change and its conflict with the desire for help and self-improvement…”

Axiom Care’s Future Objectives

Axiom Care is committed to providing a complete continuum of care that engages clients in longer treatment episodes and reduces relapse rates. This model of treatment is statistically proven to be essential for long-term, substantive change and positive sobriety outcomes. Axiom Care’s ultimate goal is to create a replicable treatment model to continue serving Arizona populations while expanding its reach to other states to help more people in need.

Wrapping Up:

Vern Johnson’s vision for Axiom Care has paved the way for a compassionate and practical approach to addiction treatment. With his focus on integrated care and a full continuum of treatment, Axiom Care continues to inspire hope and empower individuals on their journey toward recovery.