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Australia battles Omicron cases surge. Worst hit country?

Key Highlights:

  • Australia records 100,000 cases on the fourth straight day.
  • The Omicron variant cases are speculated to be on the rise for the next few weeks.
  • Australia is among the heavily vaccinated country against the COVID-19.

Australia has recorded more than 100,000 consequently on the fourth day. Considering this peak, authorities have warned that the Omicron wave might reach record levels for the next few weeks.

Earlier, COVID-19 restrictions had helped the country to contain the spread of the virus. Despite that, now Australia is struggling with the rising Omicron cases.

Omicron cases on the rise in Australia

The citizens of Australia from most of the parts have adjusted to a strategy and co-exist with the virus as the country had higher vaccination rates. Australia has recorded over a million cases which is a record high as compared to 200,000 cases for 2020 and 2021 combined.

Paul Kelly, the Chief Health Officer, shared a statement concerning the Omicron outbreak in Australia. He states, “We are not through it yet and I think there are still going to be a large number of cases diagnosed in Australia over the next few weeks.” He added, “But modeling from some states, leads me to believe that we are close to the peak of this wave in terms of cases.”

Vaccination Shield against Omicron

In the last three days, the infection rate has dipped in New South Wales. Wales is the most populated state in Australia and also is one of the worst-hit, however, the rise in hospitalizations has slowed slightly according to the official data.

Hospitalization has become a major concern in the Omicron wave, with the majority of states battling record hospitalizations. The authorities have confirmed that the majority of the admissions in Australia are due to unvaccinated younger people. The unvaccinated admissions are requiring intensive care.

Australia was listed among the majorly vaccinated countries for COVID-19. The country has nearly 92% of the population above 16, vaccinated. Moreover, with the surge of the Omicron variant, the booster shot drive is pacing throughout the country.

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