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Apple is going to settle butterfly keyboard lawsuit for $50 million

Apple will be paying out $50 million to settle a class action lawsuit that said the company knew about flaws with the butterfly keyboard switches it built into several MacBook models.  One of the articles by The Verge, “Apple’s butterfly keyboard switches are some of the worst buttons to grace a modern device: unreliable, prone to breaking after coming in contact with a tiny bit of dust or grime, and incredibly difficult and expensive to replace. But the deeper issue isn’t that the butterfly switches often break; it’s the flawed design goals that led Apple to make a bad button in the first place. Apple chose to make an entire keyboard full of buttons that resulted in a more aesthetically pleasing design with shorter travel and a thinner overall laptop, rather than making ones that are mechanically functional. And it nearly wrecked an entire generation of Apple’s laptops.”

Reuters said, “Apple Inc (AAPL.O) agreed to pay $50 million to settle a class-action lawsuit by customers who claimed it knew and concealed that the “butterfly” keyboards on its MacBook laptop computers were prone to failure.

The proposed preliminary settlement was filed late Monday night in the federal court in San Jose, California, and requires a judge’s approval.

Customers claimed that MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro keyboards suffered from sticky and unresponsive keys, and that tiny amounts of dust or debris could make it difficult to type.”

Another article by The Verge, “Apple didn’t immediately respond to The Verge’s request for comment on the proposed settlement. As the agreement notes, Apple has not admitted to any wrongdoing in the butterfly keyboard affair, and the settlement agreement means it likely never will.”

Faulty keyboards by the top tech giant Apple is not something which can be expected. Now it’s the world’s turn to see how the company manages the issue and develops its technology for future buyers.

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