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Data Confidence

Data Confidence: A Problem That Syncari Solves with Data Automation

Founding Year: 2019 Office Locations: Remote Website: Executives continue to disagree on some of the most important measures of a company’s health, such as …

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Baker Communications, Inc.: Give Your Organization a New Edge with Data-Driven Sales Enablement

Website: One company that has been leading the world of sales training and coaching for over 43 years is Baker Communications. Besides its customer …

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Ray Grady

A Dialogue with Ray Grady on How Conexiom Can Transform Businesses with Trade Document Automation

Founding Year: 2005 Office Locations: Vancouver, BC; Chicago; Kitchener, ON; London; Munich Website: For businesses that are still manually processing emailed documents like purchase …

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Staying Safe on The Road Isn’t Just About Your Driving Skills: Make Driving Safer & Intuitive with Easyrain

Founding Year: 2013 Office Locations: R&D Center, via Adda 1/C, Rivoli, Turin, Italy – HQ, via Aurelio Saffi 8, Milano, Italy Website: “We need …

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Medgate Philippines, Inc. Leading The Telemedicine Healthcare Ecosystem to Ensure Accessible Healthcare to Millions of Filipinos

Founding Year: 2006 Office Locations: Makati City, Philippines Website: The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there is a global shortage of 4.3 million …

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FCI London

FCI London: Curating Luxury Furniture To Transform Your Space

Founding Year: 1985 Office Locations: London (UK), Nigeria, India Website: “In addition to our luxury furniture range, we offer a comprehensive interior design service …

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A Whole New World of Experiences Awaits at Saudi Arabia: Let Wafy Help You Embrace the Magic 

Founding Year: 2016 Website: Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly an incredible and enigmatic tourist destination. From ancient cities, palm-shaded oases, and desert landscapes to adventure …

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Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold Investments: Helping People Preserve Wealth in A Rocky Economy with Tangible Assets

Founding Year: 2016 Office Locations: Los Angeles, CA Website:  Noble Gold Investments is a firm based in Pasadena, California that strives to educate its clients on the investment …

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Marvelution: Simplifying Jenkins Integration in Jira to Help Users Gain Insight on Build Results and Their Issues

Founding Year: 2015 Website: “I enjoy coding and want to get all the little details right. Jenkins Integration for Jira is one such example. It started …

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Deltha Pharma Srl: Delivering High-Quality Food Supplements Made of Innovative and Natural Raw Materials

Founding Year: 2009 Office Locations: Via Ronciglione 8, Roma (Italy) Website: In our interview with Maria Francesca Aceti, CEO, Deltha Pharma, she speaks of her journey with …

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