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“We are aggressive when we need to be and we savor going into battle for our clients to help them achieve their ultimate goal.” – Wade Law Group

Amiel Wade, CEO of Wade Law Group

Founding Year: 2003

Office Locations: State wide-Headquartered at 262 Easy Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030


Wade Law Group was founded in the year 2003.  Initially, the firm was small with just two attorneys, and provided services primarily to the county of Santa Clara. However, over the years the firm blossomed into what is now a firm with approximately 40 employees. 

The firm’s founder Amiel Wade is a former police officer, who while spending time testifying in court as a witness, realized that his real calling was to be the person on the other side of the microphone (the attorney). He then quit his police job and set out to become one of the top attorneys in the county whose mission would be to rescue as many people as possible from the stress of civil litigation. His mission has been to win as many cases as possible while building client relationships second to none, in order to bring as many smiles as possible to every client’s face.  

In conversation with Amiel L. Wade, Founder, President, and Managing Partner of Wade Law Group

Tell us about your organization. How does it provide value to consumers or society at large?

What sets us apart from other law firms is the firm’s culture, its policies, and its proven systematic approach to litigation. With regard to our culture, client satisfaction is the most important aspect of our practice, and it’s the firm’s mission to provide superior and distinctive services while building client relationships and achieving client satisfaction second to none.

The hallmark of the firm’s systematic approach to litigation that contributes to our clients successes is as follows:

·       Client Relationships. Unlike other firms, Wade Law Group’s staff is empathetic to its clients, listens to their concerns, and implements strategies to achieve their goals. The firm’s attorneys have the knowledge necessary to evaluate what needs to be done in each case and to implement the strategies necessary to achieve the client’s goals.

·       The Aggressiveness and Quality of Service. When representing clients, the firm does whatever it takes (within the rules of ethics) to achieve success. The firm has access to the latest research databases and training and each lawyer is routinely evaluated for their effectiveness and trained to achieve success for the client.

·       Responsiveness. The firm prides itself on the way it responds to each client’s needs. The firm has policies that result in both attorneys and staff being required to return clients’ calls expeditiously and treat clients with kindness and fairness, whether a call is made after hours or on the weekend. At Wade Law Group, we keep you informed every step of the way.

·       Billing Practices. The firm prides itself on invoicing its clients fairly. The firm’s attorneys and staff are trained to invoice accurately and conscientiously so that the client can be fairly invoiced. The firm has a policy of not allowing any invoice to leave the firm without at least two members of the invoicing team having reviewed it for accuracy and fairness before it is sent to the client.

·       Client Results. The firm has a proven track record of winning on behalf of its clients. The firm has received awards for the high number of five-star client testimonials received. The firm’s goal is to have our core areas of practice rank among the top in the legal community. Simply speaking, we at Wade Law Group desire to be the best litigation law firm in California. In fact, in 2021, we were named just that. We were named the top business litigation firm by New World Report.  

What was the toughest part of embracing a leadership role? How did you manage to overcome them and move forward?

The toughest part was learning to stop performing billing services for clients and start working on building the company. Making strategic firm decisions and working on matters that grow the company is very hard to do when I have to handle a full caseload of cases. So, the key was learning to delegate things to staff members so I could have more time to work on strategy. 

How do you maintain a balance in your personal and professional life? How do you keep yourself and your employees motivated?

I exercise every day and I am good at delegating matters to staff members. This allows me to manage my time better. We keep staff motivated by making them feel like a part of a team and by providing a culture that is supportive of their efforts. Rewarding staff for work well done is also important.

What do you do when you come across new or unpopular ideas that could be beneficial for the organization?

I discuss those things with the staff to explain the benefits of the ideas and to gather their input so that they understand that they were part of the decision-making process.

Could you describe the values and work culture that drive your organization?

Wade Law Group’s mission statement for clients is to help as many individuals and businesses as possible, win court cases in an expeditious and cost-effective manner, while at the same time building client relationships and achieving client satisfaction second to none.

Our mission statement for employees is to assemble motivated and talented individuals with a passionate and unyielding work ethic who want to be part of an amazing team that provides exceptional service in a work environment that will enhance both their sense of self-worth and sense of accomplishment while allowing them to generate astonishing wealth over time.

What are your plans for the future, and how do you hope to see your organization and team grow?

The firm has overcome many challenges over the years to establish itself as a leading law firm. We have taken an innovative and sophisticated approach to market ourselves and achieve client satisfaction. For example, we have employed our own in-house SEO, marketing, google ads, and Facebook ads campaign specialist, who uses the latest marketing techniques to bring the firm’s message of excellence to the public attention.

We also have our own in-house recruiter to help the firm attract the most talented employees to the firm. Through the latest recruiting techniques and employment qualification tests and methods, we ensure that Wade Law Group is attracting the best talent. 

At Wade Law Group, we have in-house client intake specialists to speak with potential clients who help guide them through the onboarding process. Additionally, the firm employs in-house client liaison specialists to assist clients who need special attention and/or who have ongoing questions.

Since the pandemic, we have implemented a remote component into our workforce which has allowed the firm to attract even more talented employees (some of whom live outside the state). In order to accomplish these goals, we integrated the latest technologies that have allowed us to run a remote-oriented company and seamlessly deal with documents and data.

Wade Law Group expects to see more firms integrating remote operations into its business. The firm also expects itself to continue to use the latest technologies to get its message out to potential clients while at the same time using the latest techniques to attract the most talented employees and to provide the best services to clients.

Knowing Amiel L. Wade

Amiel L. Wade is the Founder, President, and Managing Partner. H specializes in civil litigation, conducting jury trials in complex cases, and helping individuals and businesses in every phase of their development. He has been practicing law for over twenty-five years. He has served as both judge pro tem and an arbitrator for the Santa Clara County Superior Court and has guest lectured at Stanford University.

Wade has received numerous honors as a top California attorney, including, but not limited to, 

being named, civil litigation attorney of the year in 2022 and 2023; a top ten famiy law attorney; a top 100 attorney in the US and a recipient of the prestigious Martindale Hubble Client Distinction award for receiving the requisite number of client reviews that average 4.8 or better on a scale from 1 to 5.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Wade served as a San Jose Police Officer for four years. He is also a black belt in Karate. Wade’s experience as a trial attorney has led him to successfully represent clients as chief counsel in both jury and non-jury trials involving complex litigation cases. He has developed a reputation as being a tenacious, savvy, and sophisticated trial attorney who savors going into battle for his clients. Wade has represented clients in both pre-litigation disputes, mediation, and arbitration matters. He also has represented clients in both commercial and serious personal injury cases. 

Wade Law Group’s mission statement for clients is to help as many individuals and businesses as possible, win court cases in an expeditious and cost-effective manner, while at the same time building client relationships and achieving client satisfaction second to none.

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