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Tukel: Empowering Online Entrepreneurs with Expert Accounting and Consulting Services

Cenk Tukel

Cenk Tukel is the founder of Tukel, Inc., a company dedicated to supporting online entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to expand globally and operate through their U.S. enterprises. With an extensive background as the former CFO and Board Member of PepsiCo subsidiaries, he brings over 20 years of experience in managing large-scale accounting and financial planning teams, spearheading technological advancements, optimizing cash flow, and driving profitability. Furthermore, Cenk has acted as the deputy CEO on numerous occasions and has overseen Information Technology, Legal, Procurement, and HR teams. Beyond his role as a Strategic CFO with credentials from Wharton, he is a licensed US CPA in Delaware and an expert in accountancy and consulting. Moreover, Cenk’s proficiency extends to being a Professional Coach (ICF) and Mentor (EMCC), which enables him to effectively guide his clients and his team toward success.

The Concept Behind Tukel’s Foundation

Having dedicated more than two decades to the corporate world, the executives have held esteemed C-level positions within various PepsiCo subsidiaries across the globe, including locations in New York, Geneva, Dubai, Jordan, and Cairo. Throughout Cenk Tukel’s career, he has successfully overseen diverse departments such as governance, compliance, finance, business development, human resources, legal, and procurement. This breadth of experience has equipped him with the expertise to manage all aspects of a business seamlessly, from developing operational strategies to monitoring financials and achieving business objectives.

However, a part of Cenk Tukel always yearned for innovation and new opportunities to explore. Motivated by this desire, he made the bold decision to embark on his entrepreneurial journey. The idea took shape by amalgamating three essential components: the vast knowledge and industry expertise, the drive to assist founders in growing their businesses and reaching global markets, and an unwavering passion for innovation and navigating complex tax and compliance regulations.

Tukel’s Journey of Navigating Challenges and Embracing Growth

In the present day, the idea that “less is more” holds true. You don’t always need a big team to grow quickly; assembling a small group of skilled people and helping them learn can lead to significant progress. While looking for experienced financial and business advisors had its difficulties, Tukel’s confidence in improving its current staff and making internal processes more efficient led them to believe they could achieve the same goals with a smaller team.

During the pandemic, many business leaders faced tough challenges due to economic troubles, rising prices, and limited investment opportunities. These situations could cause financial problems or even the closure of companies. To respond, Tukel took a flexible and responsive approach. They guided their clients through the uncertainties of this time and gave advice on managing money wisely, offering strong support.

Tukel’s Journey: A Trail of Triumph and Progress

Tukel’s journey has been exciting and rewarding, marked by continuous growth, learning, and adaptability since its beginning. Finding joy in watching clients make progress, even starting from zero income, and giving them advice as they build their businesses, is a never-ending source of satisfaction. Every client brings unique challenges and chances to learn, which help the company improve its services. They see each day as a new chance to come up with new ideas, become stronger, and provide excellent services to clients. The road ahead is full of anticipation and excitement.

Tukel’s Range of Offered Services

At Tukel Accounting, the team offers an all-encompassing range of services, including accounting, taxes, HR, payroll, and CFO support, specifically tailored for U.S. businesses. Tukel takes pride in being a one-stop-shop for its clients, going beyond just individual accounting aspects to deliver a comprehensive solution that caters to their diverse financial requirements. From establishing U.S. companies to efficiently managing accounting, taxes, HR, payroll, and compliance, the team handles it all with precision and expertise.

The team’s proficiency extends beyond the standard services, as they also provide valuable guidance on U.S. company operations, funding options, investor plans, and other crucial aspects pivotal to business success. Through the extensive partner network and expertise, they become more than just service providers; Tukel acts as an integral part of clients’ finance departments.

With a holistic approach and personalized attention to each client, the team cultivates lasting relationships built on trust. Tukel’s commitment to client satisfaction is evident in the fact that they have never lost a client due to dissatisfaction. 

What Sets Tukel Apart from the Competition?

Since the Tukel Foundation, the company has been driven by a mission that surpasses the traditional realm of accounting services. The goal goes beyond merely handling financials and taxes; they strive to offer much more—value-added advisory and a deep commitment to meeting compliance requirements upfront in this ever-changing business landscape. Whether Tukel’s clients are startups with zero revenue or multinational corporations, the team treats each one with equal dedication, fostering trust through the team’s personalized approach. 

Building strong and meaningful relationships with the company’s clients is at the core of focus. Tukel prioritizes responsiveness and ensures that all their queries receive prompt attention within a single business day. This dedication has resulted in a remarkable track record, where they have retained all company’s clients, and they, in turn, have become their biggest advocates.

Throughout their journey, Tukel stands by its clients, offering unwavering support. Depending on unique needs, Tukel connects them with an extensive partner network, which includes legal service providers, immigration specialists, and more. Tukel joins calls with clients when necessary, ensuring a seamless, comprehensive experience—a true ONE-STOP-SHOP.

Understanding clients’ needs and pain points is paramount to them. Through discovery calls, Tukel gains valuable insights, allowing them to tailor their solutions accordingly. Together, Tukel set clear expectations, offering services precisely aligned with their requirements—nothing more, nothing less, ensuring clients pay only for what they genuinely need. This commitment to transparency and personalized service forms the foundation of Tukel’s success and the trust the clients place in them.

Tukel’s Work Culture and Ethical Business Practices

Establishing a sustainable business hinges on cultivating a shared culture and strong business ethics. In the finance and accounting industry, where trust and credibility are paramount, these elements form the bedrock of Tukel’s principles. At the heart of the company’s values lie trust, credibility, collaborative relationships, agility, and client-centricity, and they have carefully assembled their team based on these guiding principles.

As a service provider, the utmost priority is the client, and Tukel center its focus on client-centricity. They dedicate themselves to understanding their unique needs and strive to fulfill them in the best possible way. We believe that a foundation of trust fosters open dialogue, encouraging innovation, growth, and consensus within the team.

Moreover, embracing agility and fostering a culture of continuous learning allows Tukel to outpace competitors and drive rapid growth. The commitment to innovation and the adeptness at leveraging technology to its fullest potential further distinguish Tukel in the market.

Innovation of Tukel Accounting

In their work, they’re proud to be a mix of three things – 50% accounting and tax, 50% giving advice, and 50% technology. This combination is like a special recipe that’s even better than each part by itself. Cenk Tukel started this company after leaving PepsiCo and made three technology-focused companies. He got into a world of different computer programs and tools that live on the internet. He employed an array of cloud-based applications and tools, spanning from developer utilities to CRM systems, seamless integrations, email marketing platforms, SEO tools, task management solutions, PSPs, and collection systems, as well as work and project management aides, among others. The variety of tools at his disposal seemed limitless. He is really careful about picking the newest and best technologies for their work. Tukel fits all these tools together to make things work really well and without needing much human effort. 

As a Xero partner, Tukel Accounting leverages advanced technology to enhance the accounting experience for its clients. Thanks to its enhanced reporting and automation features, along with seamless integration with bank accounts and third-party applications, the accounting process is significantly improved for both Tukel Accounting and its clients. This allows small business owners to spend more time to their business operations and less time worrying about their finances.

All these pieces come together to give Tukel’s clients a fancy, technology-powered, and, most importantly, very easy-to-use online space and tools. They want to make things as simple as possible for their clients by using easy and effective technologies. Everything is kept in the digital world – no paper copies, except when the tax regulations need them.

Tukel’s Forward-Looking Vision

The future holds great excitement for Tukel. The aspirations go beyond mere growth in size; Tukel is dedicated to enhancing and strengthening Its partnerships with key players in the sector. The collective growth drive aims to bring added value to the industry as a whole. Over the next few years, Tukel remain committed to investing in the most valuable asset – their people. By doing so, they envision pushing the boundaries of accounting to new heights, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. These advancements will undoubtedly propel Tukel toward a more innovative and impactful future.

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