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Shooting For The Stars: Seoul-based Pluxity Seeks To Become An Industry Leader In Digital Twin Technology


Founding Year: 2015

Office Locations: Seoul, South Korea (전체주소: #T01, 4F HobanPark 18, Yangjae-daero 2-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06768, Rep. of Korea)


Inception of Pluxity

Recently, the term ‘digital twin’ has appeared frequently across industries from several verticals. The method of implementing this may differ from company to company, but the definition of ‘technology that virtualizes twins identical to reality’ applies the same way. In other words, it is a concept that states all objects and environments existing in the real world are equally implemented in the virtual space.

So, how did the digital twin emerge as a crucial concept? 

First of all, it’s worth noting that the core of corporate businesses is to make a profit. Hence, a company must ensure that its products and services are demanded in the marketplace. It has to work on creating products and services that are better than before and better than its competitors as well.

That’s where the need for Pluxity’s platform and tech know-how emerges. Ideally, Pluxity can enable businesses to overcome the human inability of their workforce and maximize their efficiency while being environmentally friendly at the same time.

Pluxity Offerings: A Unique Digital Twins Solution

Pluxity provides SMART project managers with an advanced “Digital Twins” solution in a unique position as compared to others in the market. Its self-developed and WEB-based engine, tailored services, and maintenance have been further optimized to manage any smart project. 

With the solution, operators can intuitively recognize real-time communication & security status as well as quickly identify details and ratings in the event. Moreover, the platform could provide simple frequency and average for further decision making as it is automated to collect real-time data of each system through the API of the middleware and visualize them on a 3D map.

Overcoming Challenges In The Beginning

Since the digital twin can be applied to many different fields and industries, accumulating initial know-how was challenging as each project was equally unique and different. But experiencing all those sites has now turned into Pluxity’s strongest asset. Every challenge that was resolved polished the firm’s ability to execute the projects more efficiently and set new benchmarks for success.

In fact, CEO Jaemin believes that success in the modern business world shouldn’t just revolve around generating revenue; it should also focus on making a positive influence and contribution to society. He says, “Pursuing a profit should no longer be the single goal as a businessman. The perfect formula would be to practice business deployment based on the needs of contemporary society with a strong sense of responsibility.

Today, Pluxity stands strong as a customized solution provider that caters to the individual needs of businesses and delivers a solid experience to companies within the tech advanced country of Korea. Some of the national projects that Pluxity has undertaken so far are with Incheon Airport, railway, metro, city municipals partnering with the Government, and global players like Samsung, LG, Hanwha, and SK Telecom.

The Journey So Far

Pluxity has been actively associating with several references in Korea since its establishment in 2015. “We have established our position in Korea through bidding in the public sector, which requires technical skills rather than sales power. We are now expanding our business through activities with various companies in the non-public sector as well,” says Jaemin.

With the onset of the global pandemic of COVID-19 in 2020, the need for digital twins is growing all over the world. Since then, Pluxity has been putting in the efforts to implement a better and upgraded digital twin solution by combining the data and data science it possesses in line with new trends. 

Pluxity aims at excelling as a leader in digital twin technology by supporting seamless real-time interactive integration and connection between the real world and digital platforms, and algorithm-based simulation and data analysis technology through real-time integrated data.

The Roadmap Ahead

Speaking of the rising importance of digital twin technology especially after the pandemic, Jaemin states, “According to Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, we saw two years’ worth of digital transformation in just two months of the third quarter (January-March period). While it’s true that we have been experiencing rapid digital transformation globally, the Korean government launched a project called “The Korean New Deal” to address this great transformation as a national strategy.

Thus, greater opportunities have been given to Pluxity in this market trend, and the firm has maintained its focus on the platform allowing businesses to employ efficient access in data, systems, and services anywhere and anytime which can be also applied into autonomous driving, smart grid, etc. Apart from successfully accumulating several major projects, Pluxity is also thrilled to be in the process of developing and upgrading itself with the market trend by integrating data science with its digital twin technology.

From The CEO’s Desk

Jaemin Yoon

With over 15 years of experience, Jaemin is an expert in the field of digital twin and spatial information. He has spearheaded several national and municipal projects for smart cities & building development in Korea, a leading country of advanced technology. 

His direct and indirect involvement in R&D and sales & marketing combined with his hands-on knowledge(owing to his developer background) have made significant contributions towards Pluxity’s triumphant success. Ultimately, this has led to the subsequent deployment of the most needed products in a variety of clients and business sectors. Jaemin has demonstrated how to leverage and deliver critical skills by collaborating his tech knowledge in a marketing role not just as a CEO but also as a business representative.

Our goal is to introduce a new generation digital twin integrated with an algorithm-based system which can allow us to make predictions using data analysis as a market leader.