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Reimagining Insurance for A Future-Ready Business & Tax-Efficient Assets Captive Alternatives, LLC

Founding Year: 2001

Office Locations: Atlanta, GA/San Juan, Puerto Rico (all remote)


Although the common and obvious risks to business are easy to deal with, there might be other risks as well that can be too subtle to be completely ignored. What businesses need today is a fresh insight and approach to enterprise risk analysis & assessment to uncover these hidden risks and develop innovative ways to safeguard against them. Working with CapAlt can help achieve that. 

CapAlt helps business owners end their unintended self-insurance and help assure business continuity.

In the interview excerpt below, CEO Mark Jacobs speaks with The Chief’s Digest about CapAlt and how they plan to create value for business owners.

How did you come up with the idea or concept for your business?

After we witnessed the IRS scrutiny and less-than-ideal practices of captive models, we felt there was a need for a formidable alternative to the captive model. CapAlt yearned to create a private insurance model that would allow a client to both cover catastrophic risk while also participating in an investment opportunity and a unique ROI.

What are your company offerings? How have consumer responses shaped them over the years?

We offer business owners a chance to not only insure against catastrophic, enterprise risk; but, also assure the future standing of the business and their families. We allow the client to procure coverage, insure risk, and secure investment.

CapAlt is an insurance consultancy that helps business owners manage risk by finding innovative ways to fund future losses while allowing investors to participate in the insurance profits that would otherwise be lost to “Big Insurance”.

CapAlt’s pioneering risk management strategy, Private Insurance, enables businesses and organizations to direct procure insurance coverage for selected risks, transfer high exposure to third parties, and designate an investor to participate in an innovative profit-sharing program. As a result, investors build tax-efficient assets to help protect their business and assure their future.

Every business, big or small, gets its fair share of challenges, especially during the initial days. Tell us about your challenges and how you managed to overcome them.

In the beginning, our program was not as well-oiled as it is today. There were a lot of bells and whistles of our program that we had to tweak and improve upon to meet full compliance and reap the full benefits of our structure. It took us years to get this program where it is today and to make it as strong and profitable for the client as possible.

How do you define success? Do you think there is some sort of a formula to becoming successful?

One could say that the dollar amount determines success in a business. While that is the technically correct answer for a business, we see success as doing good on behalf of our clients. We wake up every day knowing that we are helping business owners not only protect their business but also ensure the future of their families. We are a family business, both inside and out. We understand the value of looking out for your family, and we help business owners do that in spades.

What would you say are the factors that have contributed to your success as an organization?

We are tenacious. We go the extra mile to solve problems, find hidden risks that the client may not know about, and we are always on the clock. Working remotely, and having done so for close to a decade, allows us to always be striving to get things done promptly and in the right way. We see a problem, we fix it. Right then and there, we get to the bottom of an issue.

What do you think is the most unique aspect of your business?

By far, it is the private insurance structure itself. We have a structure unlike any other in the country to earn tax-efficient investments. We have worked diligently to make sure it meets all laws and regulations of insurance, and it has taken a long time to get it where it is today.

Business leaders have always emphasized the habit of reading for success, on the record. Is there a book that you draw inspiration from?

There are countless books and experiences we have gathered throughout the years. However, a more recent example would be Lee B. Salz’s “Sales Differentiation & Sell Different!”.

Where do you see your company a few years from now?

CapAlt has seen increasingly larger growth in terms of our sum of total premium and clientele over the past decade, and we do not see that slowing down anytime soon. We recorded our largest year yet in 2021, and look to continue our success into 2022. We are getting larger referral sources who represent very formidable business owners and companies, and are thrilled to get to work with them.

How has your journey been so far?

This journey has been challenging and fulfilling. We have had some highs and lows, and feel great about where we stand today; however, we are not remaining stagnant. We are constantly striving to be our very best, and the best is yet to come. Onward and upward!

Getting To Know the Game Changer Leadership

Mark Jacobs, Chairman & CEO

Mark is widely considered to be an expert in the field of risk management and participatory risk coverages. His expertise in reinsurance and alternative risk transfer, along with his comprehensive knowledge of both domestic and international regulations inspired the creation of CapAlt’s innovative risk management strategy: Private Insurance. Jacobs is passionate about helping business owners of every size build wealth while protecting their business and assuring their future.

We believe first and foremost on transparency, with both our work colleagues and clients. We are with the client every step of the way and are always open and honest about what is occurring in the structure, how they are benefitting, and what can be done to better their stance.