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Powering Gaming Success: Your Partner in Monetization and Beyond with Xsolla


Xsolla provides a platform and suite of tools for video game developers and publishers to manage various aspects of their games’ lifecycles, including monetization, distribution, player engagement, and more. Chris Hewish, the President and Interim CEO of Xsolla, is an accomplished Interactive Executive and Studio Head. With a track record of orchestrating operational excellence and go-to-market triumphs across all facets of the gaming realm, Chris’s expertise is second to none. With a history of steering multi-team studios and global interactive divisions comprising 300+ professionals, his journey encompasses iconic names such as Activision, DreamWorks Animation, Survios, Skydance, and Xsolla.

Chris, a true gaming enthusiast, has magnificently transformed his passion into a thriving career, contributing significantly to the gaming landscape. Having directly shaped and overseen the creation of over 50 games that collectively amassed more than $1 billion in sales, he wields a remarkable blend of imaginative finesse and business acumen, a rarity in an industry that constantly evolves. Chris’s unique triple-threat skill set combines the ingenuity of a developer’s design and production capabilities, the strategic vision of a seasoned publisher, and the branding and marketing acumen of a seasoned media executive. This interview offers an insider’s view into the mind of a dynamic leader shaping the future of gaming.

What Sparked the Foundation of Xsolla?

At its core, Xsolla emerged from a fundamental inspiration: to address game developers’ challenges in the sales arena. This vision led to strategic collaborations with prominent gaming entities, payment service providers, and key partners, culminating in the establishment of a holistic service array catering to the needs of game developers worldwide. This comprehensive suite of offerings has streamlined the process of monetizing games on a global scale.

With a dynamic and adaptable platform as its foundation, Xsolla continually pushes the boundaries of industry norms. Its commitment to innovation is evident in the robust toolkit it offers, empowering developers to transform their business strategies. These tools span a spectrum from intricate customer support systems and powerful anti-fraud mechanisms to cutting-edge analytics and automated marketing solutions, all conveniently consolidated within the Xsolla ecosystem. The company’s relentless pursuit of progress is poised to redefine the game development business operations landscape.

What Services Does Xsolla Provide?

Xsolla presents an impressive lineup of payment processing tools encompassing many payment methods, strengthened by robust anti-fraud mechanisms. These tools seamlessly intertwine across various platforms, spanning gaming, social media, and e-commerce. However, the company’s journey has been full of challenges, a universal experience for enterprises in their early phases. These hurdles, intrinsic to businesses of all sizes, have shaped invaluable learning experiences.

During its initial stages, a pivotal challenge for Xsolla lay in cultivating credibility within the gaming sector. Venturing into a bustling and competitive domain, persuading game developers to place their trust in the company required relentless dedication. This uphill pursuit, however, ignited an enthusiasm for innovation and unwavering commitment. Xsolla’s response pivoted on delivering service that transcended mere satisfaction to attain excellence. This entailed an unwavering dedication to meeting client requirements and an unceasing drive to evolve the spectrum of services.

Through persistence, these efforts bore fruit the culmination of unwavering determination established a formidable reputation within the industry. This reputation rests on the bedrock of trust methodically constructed by the company. Today, Xsolla’s journey finds resonance in its illustrious track record – a testimony to its resilience in overcoming initial challenges. This narrative solidifies the company’s standing as a steadfast and dependable partner within the dynamic realm of gaming commerce.

The Work Environment and Ethical Standards at Xsolla

At Xsolla, the belief that the realm of superior gaming perpetually lies just beyond the horizon drives their mission. The company focuses on facilitating this journey by removing obstacles and establishing vital connections that empower creators to bring their visions to life. Their ultimate objective revolves around envisioning a future where individuals akin to these creators partake in their games, relishing the experience and eagerly engaging for more. This embodies the essence of Xsolla’s undertaking – a commitment to the art of play encapsulated in their work.

Key Factors Behind Xsolla Remarkable Success

Since its inception in 2005, Xsolla has achieved remarkable milestones on its journey to success. The company has forged numerous substantial partnerships within the gaming industry, solidifying its position as one of the foremost and recognizable entities in the field. Boasting a global presence, Xsolla’s payment solutions cater to an expansive network of over 500 million gamers spanning seven continents. Additionally, the company extends its support to game developers by offering platform-agnostic analytics tools, facilitating a deeper understanding of player behaviors. Furthermore, Xsolla empowers publishers to formulate comprehensive monetization strategies that seamlessly align with their growth trajectories.

A distinctive facet of Xsolla lies in its all-encompassing approach to aiding game developers. The company presents an extensive array of tools and services tailored to tackle the myriad challenges encountered during the monetization of games. This encompassing support encompasses payment solutions, customer relationship management, analytics tools, anti-fraud measures, and more.

What Lies Ahead for Xsolla?

Xsolla positions itself at the forefront of a significant industry transition, steering away from conventional platforms. The evolution of regulations and innovative adjustments within ad networks propels this transformative shift. The company’s central objective revolves around assisting partners in diversifying their revenue streams. This pursuit finds expression through a comprehensive webshop solution that Xsolla offers.

At the heart of this initiative lies Xsolla’s cutting-edge webshop platform, meticulously engineered to facilitate a seamless direct-to-consumer experience. This strategic design ensures partners can efficiently and effectively connect with their customer base. By embracing this approach, partners gain the ability to personalize customer interactions, assert greater control over revenue generation, and lessen dependence on conventional platforms and app stores.

The direct-to-consumer pathway, embarked upon by Xsolla’s partners, fosters a profound and engaging bond with their audiences, nurturing brand loyalty and propelling enduring growth. Xsolla’s innovative suite of services foresees a future where partners wield heightened control, customers revel in direct engagement and collaboratively shape the industry’s promising new frontier.