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“Our operational differences, experience, and size make us a premier integrated services provider – one that stands out as an industry leader” – says Danny Farah, MD, Chief Group Services

Chief Group Services

Founding Year: 2016

States Operating: NSW, QLD, VIC, SA and NT


In our attempt to curate the list of some of the most influential companies out there, we realized that there was one factor that was common in every company envisioning to make it to the top of their industry and becoming truly influential. It is their dedication to putting in relentless efforts towards improving their product and service quality. 

Customer-centricity lies at the core of everything they do, and they also ensure to have all the procedures in place for employee well-being and helping them service the end clients. The Chief’s Digest is thrilled to present the story of one such influential company that has been doing an amazing job with innovation and technology-driven approach to deliver an excellent service to its quality clients belonging to different sectors from Government, Commercial, Aviation, Retail, Strata, Public Domain, and Hospitality. 

Chief Group Services, headed by Danny Farah, offers a range of security, cleaning, and maintenance services as an integrated package with superior results and zero hassles. 

In conversation with Danny Farah, MD, Chief Group Services

How did you come up with the idea or concept for your business?

After completing my university education, I started my job as a contract manager for a commercial cleaning company. This role led me to a great yet risky opportunity of purchasing a niche security company – which I decided to go for at just 22 years of age.

Fast forward a decade, and I successfully built and sold the company as a leader in its sector. I then stepped into the property sector and other investments, however, (the business owner in me) soon decided to launch my very own integrated service company – Chief Group Services, which would encompass the sectors of the industry that I was both passionate and knowledgeable about. 

What are your company offerings? How have consumer responses shaped them over the years?

We provide our clients with a range of security, cleaning, and maintenance services effectively managing these sectors for our clients as an external supplier. We aim to operate these services for our clients completely with zero hassle and excellent results. We are working towards our goal to be leaders in our sector working tirelessly to achieve a reputation for professionalism and high-quality workmanship. 

On what ideals are your work culture and business ethics based?

We are passionate about staff happiness, and their individual career progression, and it shows. Our staff is supported with effective training and career guidance to ensure they continue to excel in their sector. Our staff is the most crucial element of our business, and we value them above all. We like to think of our company as a large family that is proud to work together and represent the company.  

How do you define success? Do you think there is some formula to becoming successful?

Success is ensuring we deliver on our vision, which is “to be recognized as Australia’s leading provider of integrated services, providing peace of mind to our clients through our customized solutions, a high-quality service, and enduring partnerships with our clients.” All our decisions are based on this vision, and this is the key to our formula for success.

What would you say are the factors that have contributed to your success as an organization?

We provide full-circle solutions to our clients, which saves them in the long run. We are external yet implement strong communication strategies to form an effective and friendly relationship with our clients.

Clients find value in the way we operate. We are very open in our communications and diligent in our project management. We meet our client’s needs above all and have a clear focus to never disappoint in terms of our quality of service.

What do you think is a unique aspect of your business?

I believe it’s our core values that make our business the most unique in the industry.

  • Customer Focused: We build relationships with our customers. We understand their needs. We make commitments in good faith. We always act professionally, and we’re honest in all of our actions.
  • Safety First: We are committed to workplace safety, and our target is zero incidents or injuries. We invest in safety programs and procedures for our people, and we provide continuous training to enable a safer working environment.
  • Integrity & Respect: This is the basis of our relationships with our clients, suppliers, and staff. We believe in ethical business conduct – we will always do the right thing, and we are consistently open, honest, and genuine. 
  • Dependability: If we say we will do something, we will do it. We deliver our very best and hold ourselves accountable for our results. If we make a mistake, we are honest about it and put it right quickly.
  • Quality: We will never compromise on the quality of our performance or the professionalism of our staff.
Where do you see your company a few years from now?

We are still a very young company, but the future looks very promising. It is already a successful operation turning over a healthy 7 figure amount. My goal is to turn this organization into a powerful national competitor in the years to come. 

How has your journey been so far?

We’ve seen continued growth since 2016, and in the last 12 months, we have created some deeper partnerships with our clients. As our business expands, we now work with some major players in the airlines industry, which has invigorated the team as we forge ahead in the second half of 2022. We are looking forward to continued growth and success as our team flourishes and our clients expand.

The Man Behind the Success of Chief Group Services

Danny Farah, Managing Director

“We are professional, reliable, and detail-focused with superior project management and communication skills at our core.”

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